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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. insightman

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    What is the build month/year listed on the plate on the driver's door jamb? I'm in Michigan, but I'd bet California forum members would be interested to know which dealer is offering $8K off sticker on a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Touring.
  2. itsthemitchell

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    Build date on mine is 11/18.

    These were the only two new Clarities in stock within 100 miles of my house. AFAIK, Stokes Honda North in North Charleston, SC still has one Touring model. They're asking $31,447 before taxes/fees.
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  3. Bender

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    How is that $8000 off sticker?
    Sticker for base was $33400, $8k off would be $25400+ttl. 20% TTL ?
    Yeah.... definitely not $8k off sticker. Sticker $36,600. 13% from sticker ($5k) for an older MY is nothing to write home about IMO. At that price they're probably still turning a profit even though they ate up a year of depreciation through inventory mismanagement. Why say its $8k from sticker when it's really only $5k? $5k off can still be a good deal and make sense.

    I bought at $26.4+ttl and they told me they were losing about $4k but happy to get it off their lot.
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  4. IC_Clarity

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    Purchased Clarity Touring for $31,361 on 10/05/19 in So.Cal. Let's hope gov't lives up to their side of the bargain with the $7500 tax rebate.
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  5. stockae92

    stockae92 New Member

    before tax or OTD?
  6. Bender

    Bender Member

    you can adjust your w4 rather than wait until you file income taxes. I think I had to put 14 exemptions on mine. IRS has a calculator for figuring out how to adjust w4.
  7. IC_Clarity

    IC_Clarity New Member

    Before tax
  8. IC_Clarity

    IC_Clarity New Member

    Thanks for the advise. I will take a look at increasing exemptions. Better to collect now than waiting until April.
  9. Alex0913

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    I could be wrong but I think the tax credit has to do with tax liability and not on the exemptions on the W-4.
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  10. Lurker2019

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    Congratulations! As fellow SoCal Clarity owner, here are some other rebates/benefits you might qualify for on top of the $7500 tax credit:

    1. Clean Air Vehicle Rebate of $1500
    2. SCE Rebate of $1000
    3. HOV sticker

    See this SCE Website for details. Good luck!
  11. Bender

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    exemptions on w4 are used to adjust the amount of taxes withheld. With 'dumb' numbers in the w4, taxes can be overwithheld (not accounting for credits, deductions, etc) or underwithheld (not accounting for other income, capital gains, etc).

    You're supposed to adjust w4 yourself to account for any of these whenever your situation changes. IRS provides the calculator for mid-year changes.
  12. Bender

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    I mistakenly referred to exemptions, where it's actually "allowances" I meant.

    Also I needed to put 19 in, not 14, myself.
  13. LMFHK

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    Can anyone let me know if I'm getting a good deal pls? Thank you!

    019 Honda Clarity PHEV TOURING sedan:
    MSRP: $37,520.00.
    Discount: ($6,646.78)

    Vehicle Selling Price: $30,873.22.
    Documentation fee: $85.00.
    Sales Tax (9.5%): $2,941.03.
    DMV Fees: $481.75.
    Total Out-the-door: $34,381.00.
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  14. bcvc71

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    A “good deal” likely depends on the state you’re in and the market in your locale. At the end of September, I closed a purchase of a Touring model in NY as follows:

    $31,020 Sale Price (that's invoice minus $1k minus the $4k Honda to dealer incentive)
    +$2,675.48 Sales Tax on Sale Price
    = $33,695.48 Subtotal
    - $1,700 NYS Drive Clean Rebate (applied at dealership)
    = $31,995.48 Subtotal
    + $281.50 NYS License, Title, Inspection and Tire fee
    + $75 Dealer Doc fee
    = $32,351.98 Total out of pocket

    After taking into consideration the $7,500 federal tax credit (which will be realized on our next tax filing), the car cost me $24,851.98.

    I shopped many dealers with in-person visits and negotiations. I will note that all dealers I dealt with in NY were willing to do a deal at invoice minus the $4k incentive, but only a couple were willing to go below invoice before applying the $4k incentive.

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  15. That’s a good deal. It sounds like you’re getting the $4K Honda incentive plus an additional $2646.78 discount from the dealer. You may also qualify for the $7500 federal tax credit, the $1500 Ca rebate and possibly more from your power company. SCE offers $1000.

    The only negative part of the deal is the sales tax.
  16. sing

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    Do you think it might be even cheaper at end of year as the 2020 model would come out in a month or 2? The $4k incentive ends on Oct 31 though.
  17. Kerbe

    Kerbe Active Member

    Remember - it's not a tax rebate, it's a tax credit: They won't be sending you a check, they'll just be deducting up to $7500 (depending upon your tax liability) from your Federal Income Tax bill this year.
  18. Kerbe

    Kerbe Active Member

    Honda has not announced a 2020 Clarity...
  19. I doubt it. The Honda incentive was $6K, then $5K, now $4K. Who knows if it will be $3K or zero next month. It isn’t likely a dealer will discount the car $6600 on their own.
  20. Maxters

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    2020 Clarity... Remarkably quiet.. Was hoping they'd maybe update something... Guess not, 0 informaiton..

    Now my dilemma is .. Buy before or after October 31st for the better price..

    What are the dealers saying? ... I am in Northern California..

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