PHEV and a townhouse

Discussion in 'General' started by Eric's Aunt, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Eric's Aunt

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    Hi all! I'm considering a PHEV but I have a townhouse with no garage. My neighbor has a diesel truck that they plug in during the winter and they say they've never had issues. Is there anyone out there who has a PHEV and lives in a similar situation? Very interested in your experiences and thoughts!
  2. Martik

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    You can charge with a regular 120v plug, albeit slowly. I charged my Volt for the 1st 6 months this way. I think it took 12 hours to get 60miles of range.
  3. TheMagster

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    Driveway or street parking? As long as there is an outlet nearby you should be fine (or perhaps you can add one). I charge only at 120V, which is fine for me. 240V is faster and more efficient if you have that available. If you can't consistently charge at home, a longer range BEV might be a better option than a PHEV, since you could use public charging about once per week (similar to going to a gas station for an ICE car).

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