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    I am looking forward to Tesla embarrassing themselves over in Germany, since I have friends working at the track I will let you know when they see the Tesla team show up, and we will get our own unnofficial times.

    Get the popcorn, and fire extinguishers ready...

    I am going to bet Tesla makes some excuse to back down... Or Elon tries to forget about the timing, much like these other projects he is working on...
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    Source: Tesla suspension update

    Tesla has piloted a unique way of updating its vehicles' software to add new features and safety improvements remotely. It has adjusted Autopilotand introduced tweaks to improve battery life in the past, but now, the company is using the same system to tune the Model S and Model X suspension over the air.

    The latest software (2019.28.3.1) makes adjustments to the adaptive suspension system, using "dampening algorithms" to better handle speeds over 160 km/h (100mph), as reported by Electrek.

    Source_2: https://electrek.co/2019/08/20/tesla-software-update-adaptive-suspension-damping-improvements/

    Tesla wrote in the release notes:

    Ride comfort is improved for high speed driving. Both Standard and Sport modes now have updated suspension damping algorithms to adapt better at speeds above 160 km/h (100 mph). To adjust Adaptive Suspension Damping tap Controls > Suspension. As always, please drive responsibly.
    Of course, the update only affects Model S and Model X vehicles made in the last few months, but the same update also brings other features and changes depending on which car you have.
    Uh Oh!

    Bob Wilson
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    Other projects Tesla is moving pretty slow on...
    Bob, Tesla is going to quietly sneak away from the Nurburgring, they do not have the right tech to go fast on the large circuit. You will soon see... I will get the tissue box ready for your tears, along with a fire truck to extinguish the forest fire, when the S goes off the track and burns...
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    I suspect the Tesla engineers at the track might tweak the software.

    Bob Wilson
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    About all they can do with software is take away some of their battery and motor safeguards, the ultimate problem for the Model S will be heat rejection, both from the Motor, Inverter, and Battery, and weight / brakes , tires when it comes to running at Taycan Speeds. Also the Model S runs air suspension which is great for comfort, but not so great for performance, most really fast cars today, including the Taycan run an active pressure sensing suspension, like GM's Magnetic ride control which can vary the oil viscosity in the dampers many times per second.

    I have a feeling Elon was speaking out of turn and without his engineers approval when he threw down the gauntlet, now he will once again embarrass Tesla, as they will not be able to even come close to the Taycan lap with a stock Model S.
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    Like I said... Perhaps Elon Should verify all the logistics before he runs his mouth on twitter, this is like "Track time NOT Secured" Next I would check in with Kalitta Air as they are typically who flies the OEM teams over for testing at the Nurburgring.

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    Some of us have known for a long time that Teslas have a lot of reserve capacity. This looks to be a lot of fun.

    Bob Wilson
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    Tesla's do not have much reserve capacity in the areas that will make or break their run on the Nurburgring. Acceleration is not the only thing it takes, is more about stopping, and turning, something model S sucks at.... A point of reference...

    Note the price as tested $136K... Wow... What a ripoff, for the worst track car ever, I think the bolt runs a better lap
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    May be this was great diabolical ploy on the part of Elon to confuse the heck out and to mislead the short sellers and the critics. He knew that the slots were not available, then made the statement, knowing he did not have to come good on his promise. He has now an out that the slots are not available, so he can claim that he would have proven it, if he had a chance. :);):cool::p:D:rolleyes:

    (If you had not guessed it, I am being satirical)
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    The shorts are just giggling over this, most of them know a stock Model S has no shot at Taycan's record or even close to it.

    I think this whole Nurburgring thing is to distract the fans / foes from the dismal USA sales from August..
  13. interestedinEV

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    Exactly the comment I was trying to elicit. I was wondering why it was not the first thing that you came out with. :);):D
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    Rats! We'll have to wait a bit. Meanwhile, there are other tracks to tweak and tune.

    Bob Wilson
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    Tweak and Tune? I think you just made my point for me, The point was that the current production Model S (performance) cannot even get close to the Taycan's time on the track without serious modifications, (if ever?). Actually Tesla would have a better shot going after tracks closer to home, Laguna Seca comes to mind as on a smaller, more Technical track the Tesla's acceleration will come more into play, but as I recall the Model 3 performance will beat the Model S P100D at Laguna Seca, at least with Tesla drivers. Anyway, Musk clearly once again was talking out of turn, and had not done his homework before talking, now Media is reporting more from PT Barnum... "Track Time Secured" HAHA!
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    Looks like Elon reconsidered which is a good thing. A full-time, race team is an expensive proposition and there are Tesla tuning shops.

    The Cannonball still looms in the future.

    Bob Wilson
  17. David Green

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    It seems Elon is a ..., Not only is he walking back his statements, but he does not know a good Nurburgring track time, A Chevy Camaro does the Nurburgring in 7:16, which is 26 seconds faster than the Taycan, and a whole lot cheaper... Here is the lap, take a look, that Camaro is fast... You see at 3:40 into the lap he is rounding a corner at 155MPH, that my friend takes some balls in a RWD car.

    Both Elon, and Porsche should target the blue collar Camaro when they are going to talk about a fast car. Umm and the Camaro did the lap with an old fashioned manual transmission and a pushrod engine, both nearly stone age components.

    The Taycan lap is good (for an EV) but not even competitive with modern performance cars. You could build a Model S to go fast, new suspension, smaller battery, brakes, and wheel/tire combos should do it... What I really mean, is a different car...

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    There is a difference between a full race prepped car and a stock production car I can buy at the local dealership. My chevy dealer here in Seattle has a Camaro ZL1 1LE on the showroom floor, you can buy it today... Your Subaru is a fully prepped race car (just look at the front splitter, nobody is driving that on public roads), where do I buy that? While you are in the mood to compare race cars on the Nurburgring, VW set the all time EV record earlier this year with the ID-R, that actually has less power than a Tesla Model S performance. As I was trying to explain to Bob before power is not the most important thing at the Nurburgring. Oh, VW broke a few other records while they were at it with their little EV... Lets see if Tesla's vaporware Roadster 202X can get within a minute of VW ID-R at the Nurburgring, I highly doubt it will https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/101402/volkswagen-id-r-a-year-of-electric-record-breaking

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