Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owner impressions (USA)

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by chance again, Jan 27, 2018.

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    I purchased a 2018 Outlander PHEV in July after waiting and hoping that the updated version with the slightly larger engine and slightly larger battery would be available in the US. I really needed something that would tow more, but all the BEV or PHEV trucks that would be suitable are figments of imaginative press releases and auto writers always fading into the future like a wyly fox. So I bought a slightly used (4000 mi) Outlander PHEV which I regularly drive about 100 miles per day. The absolute lowest mpg I have recorded is 36mpg towing a trailer and not charging the battery overnight. I have about 200 pounds of tools in the back at all times as I have to fix, repair, invent and build things at our family farm. Most of the time, charging overnight (12 amps 120 volts), I get in excess of 42 mpg with 60% at 70 mph on highways. On aspect that is not mentioned very much is that even with the car set to save or charge EV driving exceeds 55%. This means that the car is putting out far less CO2 and other gasses than a car getting similar mileage. I find the car comfortable with plenty of power and very smooth. For someone to get 22 mpg in this car is hard to imagine. Perhaps up pikes peak with a carload of Sumo wrestlers and an over caffeinated driver.
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    Perhaps the other posts are referencing 22 miles EV Range not MPG.

    I was waiting to buy a 2020 model but it is disappointing that the 2020 models are still 2018 Euro Models. I guess the NA market is not a priority with Mitsubishi. There will be SUV Phev’s in 2020 with 30+ EV range, 22 to 30 is roughly a 30% increase - a significant boost.

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