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    The battery management system controlling temperatures is key. My BMW i3-REx is liquid cooled/heated but our Prius Prime is only cabin air cooled and heated like the Leaf.

    In two winters and two summers, the Prius Prime air cooled battery has had problems that I can reduce but not eliminate. For example, below 50F, there are operating modes that will start the gas engine. I quickly park and power-on restart the car back into EV mode but this has been disappointing. But we learned early on that the original, NiMH battery Prius suffered thermal management problems leading to failures.

    Hopefully I'll have only liquid cooled/heated battery cars in a month or two.

    Bob Wilson
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    So, Friday was a terrible day for the stock on top of a terrible week. It's kind of nuts since so many things are going right, but I guess that's the market.
    I think a lot of the downward pressure is because of the SEC vs Musk battle, amplified by Jim Cramer, but the news in the financial press seemed to be mostly about Wall Street research firm Cowen analyst Jefferey Osborne lowering his price target to $180. For the record, it was down sharply: $264.53 −$9.49 (3.46%)

    I took a couple of screenshots I thought were slightly humorous about that call.


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    It does kinda feel like we've fallen down the rabbit hole; Tesla is very clearly experiencing a strong upsurge in demand for the Model 3, so that's great news! Yet nearly all the media coverage is about supposed "chaos" and/or "indecision" at Tesla, and how that his affecting the stock price. There is what appears to me to be a pretty clear-cut cause and effect; the cause is more demand than anticipated, the effect is Tesla announcing rapid changes to its business as a result.

    Yet somehow, Tesla's recent changes and/or announcements of impending changes (or not) are being almost uniformly characterized as being bad!

    Okay, let me try to put aside my Tesla fanboy attitude, and attempt to look at this objectively: Announcing the closing of nearly all Tesla stores in such an abrupt manner, then walking that back only a few days later with another announcement, does look like indecision at the top of Tesla. That's a fair cop. Even if it wasn't really indecision, it appears to be, which is almost as bad. As they say: "You must not only avoid impropriety; you must avoid the appearance of impropriety." The same goes for indecision in leadership.

    So okay, the various groups and individuals who want to see Tesla fail do, for once, have something legitimate to complain about. But that's the only thing that's happened recently for which there is a valid complaint. Tesla adjusting prices up and down isn't at all a bad thing. Other auto makers do that all the time; they call it "running a sale incentive". Characterizing it as "unusual" or "bad" just because Tesla didn't advertise that as a "temporary price reduction" isn't a valid complaint; it's just more pravduh and FUD.

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    Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that this lawsuit was dismissed. This sort of thing is precisely why corporations include extensive boilerplate disclaimers in their financial statements and investor prospectus*.

    I'm not sure this qualified as a "frivolous lawsuit", but at the least it seems to be awfully close to that.

    *I see that word can be either singular or plural. #GrammarNazi


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