Liam Denning bitterly tries to spin Tesla profit

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    Forbes' Liam Denning tries so hard to spin the Tesla profit here:


    But is countered completely by David Lee here:

    Zach Shahan noted that there was 0 new natural gas capacity added in the US in Jun but 600 plus mwh Solar and 300 plus wind in June. We have to start tearing out NG capacity like in Germany or like coal in the US. Denning above complained that Tesla was able to get more money out of capital markets than the entire oil and gas sector in the US during the Trump admin.

    Liam's thesis is that shale turned out to be BS and that Tesla has all the same signs. Wrong! Shale is bs because it was predicated on fraud and criminality from the start- it never got better than Enron it got worse- Enron was no more than an omen. Enron amounted to a sweeping under the rug of intrinsic failure lost in the distraction of 911. It never got better unless you consider better: PNAC-911-WMD/Iraq2-Afganistan- 07 derivatives collapse (over shale)- Libya- rolling black outs- gas leaks shutting down cities for 6 month stretches- raging fires- pre covid collapse and going negative on prices. Also hugely inflated price and enraged rate payers and investors. Remember when Manhattan and the Eastern seaboard flooded for a month? How about all the suits by cities and counties (soon states) against fossil fuels. How about the BP oil spill, how about Katrina? Shale was a failure of justice and national security and also bribery based media's induced political culture of graft. Liam says there were governance issues with shale and being an apparent shale loser he is trying to incite a crack down on Tesla over governance when something 100x larger than the savings and loan scandal and governance follow up still needs to be applied to shale- Nikola is the latest indicator. The critical difference: shale was an intrinsic obvious first principles (on physics alone) intrinsic failure which meant it was always a ponzi. And it was ethically worse than selling light cigarettes to teens- much worse. Tesla and Green are the opposite in every way.
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    If we look at the natural gas plan its to pushing the lies that its cheap (its radically expensive and getting more so by the minute) that its clean (its super dirty) that its necessary (nothing could be further from the truth) that it should be able to use workers as human schields (no we can easily give the workers golden paraschutes but must liquidate the share holders for at best negligent or criminally negligent investing- if only there were such a thing.) And the other part is to push a Diesel Gate 2 type scam
    with hydrogen way dirtier way worse for climate damage but pushing lies to try to hide it. But in the mean time their Enron roots will catch up to them.
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