Lane Keep Assist LARGE Image in Display ?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Tim94549, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. OK, hard to describe. When I picked up our KONA, there were 2 LKA Images on the front display. The SMALLER one, when the LKA is active (with the White lines & vehicle icon inside them). There was ALSO a LARGE LKA Image (where the COMPASS, et al displays). I'm not sure if I clicked on something, but for some reason the LARGE LKA Image is no longer displayed - even after clicking thru all the OPTIONS ... The only image I have when LKA is active is the SMALLER image Below the Compass. I have gone thru all the OPTIONS for LKA and nothing I choose seems to get that larger image back. I only Get the COMPASS, SETTINGS, etc. as I click thru the USER Settings Button on the steering wheel.

    Ideas? I know it's not a huge deal, but I sort of liked having the larger image from time to time.
  2. Sounds like you (probably accidentally) toggled through the available display options using the up/down toggles and the menu selection button on the right side of the steering wheel. Park yourself in a quiet spot with the car on and try again, moving methodically through the pages and various options. You'll find it again.
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    There is a sat/nav option somewhere, on the centre console in the maps display I think, which turns the HUD navigation signs on/off. When off, there is more shown in the Compass area.
    Kona's without the HUD won't have this option of course...
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    The image you're looking for is on the same menu page as tire pressure. Of course it will not be available except when CC and/or LKA is enabled.
  5. Thanks everyone ... (PS, I have LKA ENABLED ..) I'll go thru the Options again. I clearly disabled SOMETHING... it used to display where the COMPASS is.
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    It may differ among markets, but on my dash the compass is the only item on that menu page, which has always annoyed me.

    If I wasn't clear, cycle through the top menu until you see tire pressure. Press the down toggle and you should see the LKA/ACC info.

    Correction to my previous post, the screen is always available but may say "system not enabled" or words to that effect when there is nothing to show.
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    For the screen that you're looking for to be available the CC/LFS must actually be engaged, meaning you're using your cruise control. It is in the same menu as the tire pressures and compas, which by the way, when navigation is being used will provide turn by turn directions in place of the simple compass (for those with NAV equipped cars).

    Hope that helps.
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    No, no, yes, and no. I believe we both have the '19 Canadian Ultimate. The screen in question is where I said it was, and it is always there, with "system off" if neither cruise nor LKA is enabled. Tire pressure is not in the same menu as the compass.

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