Kona EV "Winter Mode" - defined and condensed

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by nzkiwi68, Jan 5, 2020.

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    They ran out of room for informative content due to the number of warnings in the manual.

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    Confirmed this morning, battery heater is active on DC fast charger even without Winter Mode selected. So the only condition it makes a difference to select or not the Winter Mode, is when driving the Kona: it will activate at 33% soc and below with a battery temp less than -5deg. The Winter mode should be unselected if a fast charge is not required to get to destination. This way you are saving 2.5kW while you are below 33% soc.
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    Thank you for this! Very helpful and it may explain some of the complaints I see on PlugShare about slower than expected charge rates at public chargers (SOC also is relevant).

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    I wish there was a way to pre-condition the battery on the way to a DC charger as Teslas do.

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    Couldn't agree more, would love an option to engage the battery warmer on approach to a DC charger to get better charging speeds.
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    Great to see someone talking about real winter temperatures. I am a new ev owner and have the battery warmer and heat pump on my e-Niro. I’m wondering what strategies you employed with Winnipeg temperatures. There is very little info. about how the battery warmer works and under what conditions it works. What can I expect in the winter - parking my car for a full day and not plugged in where I work.
  7. The only appreciable difference is reduced range. My Kona was outside the whole winter. In severe winter expect to see only around 300km on a full charge vs 500+km in summer. This mostly because of resistive cabin heating. The heat pump is pretty much useless under -10C. Preheating the cabin while hooked up to the charger helps. That said my Kona has been one of my best and reliable winter vehicles. I think your e Niro will do just fine, congratulations on your new car.
  8. One question apu, was the car sitting un-plugged from the EVSE for long periods during cold weather, or did you have it plugged in most of the time?
  9. I would plug overnight for most evenings.
  10. Probably a good idea in extreme cold conditions. I wonder how long Kona EV pack would attempt to keep the battery warm without plugging in. I suspect it would cave when the SOC reached a minimum preset level ie: still enough to drive.
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    If you want some pretty good testimony about winter driving in Winter, Bjorn Nyland has several winter videos where he tested range and even slept in the back of a Kona EV Ultimate. . Two parts. I was impressed with "utility mode" and how he used it to camp all night. Just a great example of good engineering. All this and I still prefer not to drive it in the winter. FWD is better in snow than RWD but I prefer 4WD. We keep it in the garage when the weather gets tough and use our Toyota 4Runner. We are fortunate to be able to do this.
    If I were to drive this in a cold winter such as Canada, I would get some top rated snow tires, keep it warm in a garage when not using it and avoid charging it on fast chargers in cold temps. We took a winter road trip when it was new and were not disappointed. Daytime temps were 25F. Charging was slower than summer but not bad. Range was of course bad ranging about 2.6 Mi/Kwh. Just plan your trip with high consumption in mind.
  12. nick81

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    e-Niro has same problem with coldgates. Pls, have anyone CAN codes to run battery warmer? :)
    We can add menu items (15C 50kw, 25C ufc) to eniro dashboard (working on Konas too) https://github.com/nickn17/enirodashboard
    Or any info if Hyundai/Kia will add preheat to steering wheel menu or to infotainment?

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