JPMorgan wasted 200 billion on fossil fuels over the last 3 years

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Aug 14, 2020.

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    It can't be long until sanctions are applied to countries over fossil fuel use and sales. If you don't know its grants at the top, rents seeking at the bottom and no one really owns anything. With the current sovereign fiat system (crypto is a total joke in comparison- it will utterly just reinforce fiat- people just don't get that although a century older in conception and a half century older in implementation sovereign fiat is a million times more radical and consequential than even the wildest visions of crypto)- with the current sovereign fiat system the 20-30 things they threaten us with economically just can't happen. Worst is mild inflation. But its a grant based system of human centipede trickle down and its largely a matter of who gets first suck at the government tit for the next round of milking. Everyone else gets trickle down in succession of milking order getting ever more lean as it goes. Its been government money as the prime mover of economies back to the early Greek state- it was and is the primary glue that holds society together. That said JP Morgan is not even a hired hand recycler of government fiat and at that its utter and complete sht if not why waste 200 billion in capital post Paris accord over a mere 3 years on the now totally exposed fossil fuel ponzi? So think it matters when JP downgrades Tesla and then bribes a sham outlet to say Tesla dropped a point cause JP said so? Its pure circle jerk. News flash: Deutsch drops because JP downgrades them. News flash (written by Deutsche's machine agent trading platform in response without human supervision) JP drops because Deutsche downgraded them! A car company is stupid if it tries to prolong the fossil fuel ponzi with a hydrogen shell game- you know their management is too dumb or corrupt or both to survive if they do that. Same with a bank. If they are investing in fossil fuels they are run by total idiots selling tickets to a 3/4 underwater Titanic.

    Lets say JP Morgan was going to invest in Hyllion which tries to extend the life of ICE truck equipment with various hacks. Lets play regulator. Hyllion- right- anything to try to save the natural gas scam. I'd place at least 6 conditions on that on its way to elimination. 1. No more subsidies ever for never competitive NG. 2. All CO2 directly sequestered no indirect or claimed to be neutral methods, and no claiming CO2 pumped back in to get more gas is sequestered because that is just waiting for the belch back out or on Earth quake. 3. Permanent pollution credits paid by the NG producers for every unit none of which can ever come back to NG producers. 4. No hydrogen or other ponzi scams which actually use more NG in a long tail pipe scam. 5.They have to bring their own water no more strain on local drinking water supplies- let them ship in sea water and clean that. 6. They actually completely purify their fracking water and then drive it back to the ocean to be dumped (because they can't be trusted) They can't compete right now even with essentially no safeguards and in tact subsidies- they are 6x over cost. Tina Casey in clean did a stupid article where she claimed solar parity for roof top and ng was a few years a way. No its far in the rear view mirror. Another stupid article by Steve Hanley who seems to shill for NG claimed that decades from now citizens could see lowered energy bills from clean tech- no that needs to be happening right now even as it means the elimination of fossil fuel ponzi scheme rent seeker 'profits.'
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    If we needed proof of how utterly lame and corrupted JP Morgan just look at them put overweight on Nikola because the petrarchy supports the hydrogen scam. They do this while the predictions are jail terms for Nikola people and GM pulling out and Bara being ousted. They keep trying to pretend there is no fire. But most of all I think its because Nikola puts the hydrogen blsht on trial- but we've seen this movie with Enron and the world isn't going to allow the scam behind Enron (hydrogen is a continuation of it) to continue.

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