I was told today because of recall 200, Hyundai wants buy back our cars

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, May 11, 2021.

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  1. Matt D

    Matt D New Member

    Screenshot_20210611-055540-673.png Oh, and the buyback letter says that I need a payoff quote and a applicable per diem. I see the payoff quote on the Hyundai finance site, but I don't see where or what the per diem is? Anyone know where to find that?

    Also, anyone have advice for negotiating the mileage deduction? If they go by P29, I went two get that done two full months after reducing my charge, so about 2500 miles less than went I brought it in.
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  3. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    If you pull the payoff quote from HMF, it includes the per diem.. I sent them what I gott of the HMF site and it was good enough for Sedgwick.. It has been 2 weeks now since I submitted my documents to Sedgwick.. Haven't heard from anyone since.
  4. I called Hyundai, got a case number, got a call from my case manager, an initial buyback offer from Hyundai, and then a call from Sedgwick. All within 10 days.

    So far so good.
    I asked my case manager about different options on how to remedy the issue. If they plan to exchange the batteries at some point, but nothing. Haven't heard anything about that at all. Just the buyback.
  5. JFree

    JFree New Member

  6. drivingbythesun

    drivingbythesun New Member

    I filled out their form on their customer service website 6/2. Got confirmation that I would hear from someone within a week on 6/3. Received that call and the buyback letter on 6/8. Got the call from Sedwich on 6/10 and just sent the paperwork over today (6/11). Awaiting confirmation of receipt. The e-mail included "please be advised normally the process takes 4-6 weeks from receipt of all documents. " So it's going to be a waiting game.

    I could not get a 30 day payoff as they requested, so a 10-day pay off showing daily interest was sufficient. I couldn't get all my payment information from Capital One Auto so I had to use redacted bank statements for the missing months to show my payments. They didn't ask me current mileage, but the Hyundai customer service person did thank me for doing the 80% recall so I'm guessing they will get mileage from that. He also said something to the effect of "since we are re-purchasing all these cars..." when stating that I would get the re-purchase offer. I was able to choose which Hyundai dealer to drop off the vehicle when the time comes - I chose the closest, which is in another state, and not the one that I purchased from.
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  8. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Can you direct us to what form you filled out?
  9. NRH

    NRH Active Member

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  10. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca Member

    I wonder if there's a way to look up your current case. I had regular hyundai customer service open a case and they said they sent it to hyundai national, but I have no idea what she wrote in it.

    EVRIGREEN Member

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  13. drivingbythesun

    drivingbythesun New Member

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  14. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca Member

  15. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Transport Canada Recall No. 2020-477" As a result, the high-voltage battery could short circuit while the vehicle is parked, charging, or driving. "
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID: 21V127000" An electrical short internally within battery cell(s) increases the risk of a vehicle fire while parked, charging and/or driving."

    I never caught the "driving" part,this isn't good as the vehicle could ignite during any normal use scenario.
  16. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Since the BSA portion of the recall failed,these vehicles will need a new battery. Fact Hyundai used the following words "replaced—if necessary" is a problem.This isn't a solution,it's avoiding the inevitable{buyback} if they can't provide an actual date for Li-ion replacement. Recall 21V-127 was March 2021,Kona EVs have now been reduced by 20% range. I feel they can potentially ignite given their software recall didn't work before the range reduction.Hyundai is throwing darts in the dark with a real safety risk. As others have mentioned,diminished value of the Kona EV impacts owners for resale/trade as the situation remains unresolved.
    The tax credits belong to the customers,so Hyundai would need to refund them in a buyback so the customer can apply it/them to another vehicle. Tesla,and GM EVs for example no longer qualify for a federal tax rebate.
  17. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Just make sure it's not the 2021 that's captured in the Li-ion recall:confused:
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  18. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Kona electric Li-ion hiccup is more LG.As someone who also researched before committing sight unseen,I hope Hyundai offers options to those who purchased:buyback,replacement,or Li-ion replaced with SK. Reason,agreeing with @BlueKonaEV , the depreciation is problematic with the current Li-ion {potential fire }recall. No one will offer a fair trade,and early adopter Kona owners shouldn't suffer the deficit from over a year of Li-ion campaigns leading to the recall.

    As for the other issues the early Kona electrics face/faced,Hyundai needs to listen to its customers to work together to resolve them because they're intermittent.With few that could have catastrophic results if ignored,eg.AEB.
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  19. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Disagree, an informed buyer will look up the VIN history. One can't assume the Li-ion replacement will work,and is Hyundai going to reduce the buffer so owners no longer benefit from the range? Many of us on this forum,without hypermiling exceeded EPA rated range. Once the software updates began, range reduced,as well as charging times for some. Vehicle resale/trade algorithms aren't going to be kind in calculating resale.HMC knew of the Li-ion issues in Korea before the campaigns began,yet customer concerns were dismissed.

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  20. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Government rebates by the way cannot be deducted from a buyback as they are yours.Any buyback will be what your full amount was,plus any government rebates applied. CAMVAP doesn't appear to have a consumer friendly environment,and the deduction for use isn't fair in my opinion as the 2019 Li-ion issue existed throughout its life cycle. GM, if they do offer full buyback on price paid for 2017-2019 for those who want it,this is fair due to the depreciation penalty due to the Li-ion recall* Where Tesla wouldn't even accept a trade with one of our members, bluekonaev?
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  21. This is what really makes me crazy. It includes driving. So does that mean if we charge to 100 at *any* time now we are liable?? What would our insurance say? Unacceptable.


    So, for Canadian owners. here is my latest update. I got an email for the first time. I have a feeling they are scared to call. They are aware of my dissatisfaction at least. I am considering my options as to whether I call them and demand a buyback. I find this behaviour unacceptable for a reputable company.

    Dear Mr. Alemany,

    Greetings from Hyundai Canada. Here is an update on your case —— and your request for a replacement vehicle due to the Recall R0183 and the reduced charge on your battery.

    After review, your request for a loaner has once again been denied, however, you have been placed on a priority list for when the batteries will be available in July.

    We sincerely apologize for any dissatisfaction this may cause.


    Customer Relations,
    Hyundai Auto Canada

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  22. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Why would you want a loaner,to wait for your "July" Li-ion replacement?

    Unlike another member here,I wouldn't leave my Kona electric indefinitely for the Li-ion to arrive,and then for the install even with a loaner .Especially since it would be an ICE.

    What IF the replacement Li-ion doesn't return our Konas to pre recall specs.? Or Hyundai decides to maintain the reduced buffer I feel one of the campaigns,or recalls have already done? This isn't returning the vehicle to its pre campaign,or recalls state isn't an acceptable solution as one of the vehicle's core design has been altered.
  23. When I first called them, before I even had a chance to mention buyback, they suggested a loaner as the original timeline was November at the earliest and up to 18 months at the latest.

    They asked for my driving details and decided that since I’m not commuting due to pandemic restrictions, I can live with 80% and they’ll put me to the “front of the line” for a replacement, apparently now as early as July. When I asked beginning or end of July they didn’t have an answer… the service fellow had already said that they won’t be able to start doing replacements until August at the earliest. So I am not putting much stock in their July timeframe. Further, I *do* still want to use and have need for the 100% so I made the case manager ask again and this is rejection 2.

    I suspect if I ask for a Buyback they will now say again that since I am at the front of the list they won’t be offering one.

    Have any other Canadian customers been in touch with Customer Relations?

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