How much longer will GM be able to string along its share holders?

Discussion in 'General Motors' started by 101101, Jun 16, 2020.

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    GM thinks it can announce an electric Cadillac to come out in 5 years. Its still pure compliance just like with the bolt. In a year and a half the Cybertruck will be dragging its ICE Silverados up hill backwards. If it produces an electric hummer that can compete with the Cybertruck (which it must) that too will be dragging ICE Silverados and ICE Sierras up hill backwards all over youtube. That will be end buyers doing that, GM won't be able to somehow keep that off youtube. But Bara says full EV adoption is decades off and BNEF does shill stories claiming the same. GM is so stupid, its not the government pushing to get rid of ICE anymore it is the public, people don't want to buy obsolete stuff that under performs, costs them more and is less convenient and makes them look stupid and irresponsible. They won't be able to push a string when the demand for their products isn't there anymore. I believe Tesla can do it almost by itself because I also believe as Tony Seba says a huge drop in demand is coming due to self driving AEVs. Incredibly GM seems to be operating under the total delusion that autonomy would be gas powered. How stupid could they be? RIM could hardly give away Blackberries.

    We see Bara in photos with Biden and then her talking about full adoption of EVs being decades off. Its like GM thinks promises were made to it. Like what incentives to buy ICE vehicles- that will never ever fly and it wouldn't be enough. This 2025 time frame is curious it looks like GM thinks the parties or politicians made promises to it that they will keep. Who ever wins the next election its a lame duck that won' run again. They don't have to do anything and Trump won't keep promises to a company he felt embarrassed him so much which he had to use some war power act to try to cover a bail out of- GM got 500 million for ventilators it didn't apparently make did it? How much of the Small business loans did it get? Been bailed out in tokens already? It seems to think CV means it should get special treatment and that it can hide its ICE addiction in CV- it won't work that way. Its workers may get special treatment but not its execs or owners. All GM has to do is focus and do electric for real. That means dropping hydrogen and stop with the stupid antics like trying to oppose CARB rules. Who is it that it is trying to appease when it says stupid things like full EV adoption is decades off? Not investment advice but its share price is way, way, way too high with these head in the sand strategies and tactics. GM has been losing share for 50 years. This is different.

    Barra will retire it may be that she wants GM to retire. It will be over. Cybertruck will be a better luxury car than that top Cadillac in every way. Faster, handles better, better ride. More prestige. The Model S already is. If that Cadillac ever comes out a 5 year old Model S will be better purchase.

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