GM selling Electric Bikes in Europe

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    Well I guess this is an EV and they may sell more volumes then their Bolt. May this is a side business for them, but I wish they would put more into bringing out competitive EVs at lower prices then spending effort on making bikes.

    • General Motors launched a new e-bike brand, ARĪV, on Thursday.
    • ARĪV will offer two bikes—the Meld, a compact e-bike, and the Merge, a folding e-bike—for sale at $3,160 and $3,835, respectively.
    • Initial sales will be available in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
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    The ARĪV motor was designed and built by GM exclusively, drawing heavily from the company’s experience with electric vehicles. It enables speeds up to 25 kph (about 15.5 mph) with four levels of pedal-assisted power, as well as a throttle-engaged walk mode to help users easily move the hefty bike on foot.

    The battery charges from empty to full in roughly 3.5 hours and lasts about 40 miles on a single charge (on the lowest assist setting, we assume). Both bikes also come with integrated, rechargeable LED head- and taillights and hydraulic brakes to increase stopping power.
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    More information from GM press release

    Engineering Enhanced by Automotive Standards

    ARĪV used GM’s automotive-grade capabilities to set high standards in eBike engineering. GM’s extensive experience with electric vehicle motor software and controls greatly influenced the proprietary GM motor that was built from the ground up specifically for ARĪV eBikes. The motor delivers top-of-segment power and torque for its size. It also enables speeds up to 25 kph with four levels of pedal-assisted power.

    The battery was validated to rigorous safety standards similar to GM’s electric vehicles batteries. Riders can charge their ARĪV eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 hours and receive up to 64 kilometers of ride time on a single charge.

    The ARĪV Merge and Meld come standard with safety components such as integrated, rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights for increased visibility and oversized brake rotors to increase stopping power.

    The ARĪV eBikes were engineered and designed in GM facilities in Michigan and Oshawa, Ontario.
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    I like it though the price seems high.

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