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Discussion in 'i3' started by bwilson4web, Oct 22, 2019.

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    As backup for our SR+ Model 3, I have to drive it every 45-60 days to cycle the battery and run the range extender. The shorter wheelbase and tight steering, it is a proper pocket rocket in traffic. You see a gap and you're there. In comparison, the Tesla on AutoPilot is a cruiser with 360 degree sensors and automated lane changing.

    I ran a benchmark last summer and both the BMW i3-REx in "ECO PRO", and SR+ Model 3 in "Chill" had identical acceleration. The big difference is the Tesla drives itself +90% of the time and the BMW i3-REx demands full involvement. Involved driving is fun but fatiguing. Being driven is much easier and arrive fresher.

    Bob Wilson
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    When you say "involved", do you mean it is difficult to drive at high speeds. I have heard that the i3 can be a little "skittish" on freeways. Is that your experience?
  3. bwilson4web

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    It is a tightly coupled but precise steering. You have to tone-down your steering or you'll be overcorrecting. But once you've got the knack, it is a lot of fun at any speed.

    Bob Wilson

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