Experience Hardwiring VIOFO A129 Dashcam

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Kyle’s Clarity, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. If all you want is a single front camera, without parking mode (that is, switched with the car), you can get one of these and avoid running wires around the pillars (and having to figure out the airbag route). Takes about 5 minutes.


    Be great if automotive manufacturers could just preinstall a USB cable to the back and mirror area that runs behind the dash to facilitate this.
  2. RobinBrain

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    Is the 2 slot always on in your car? When I put the fuse in the 2 slot the camera would only come on when the car was running or acc turned on.

    Also any metal body part can be used as a ground right? I couldn't get to what you showed so used the one below. The ground is connected to the screw next to the yellow handle 20190618_053714.jpg
  3. su_A_ve

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    Why couldn't we simply tap onto the rear view camera for example? Not saying the front ones but at least the rear?
  4. graure

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    Are you proposing splitting the video signal from the factory rear view camera and streaming it to a recorder? I guess it'd be theoretically possible, but you'd have to figure out how to power it all the time, whether that powered signal will turn on your center video monitor, and run power to your video recorder as well. You'd have to cut into factory harnesses, run two power lines, potentially have other unintended consequences (this is a big one), or just buy a rear dashcam like this and run a single power line and stick something on the glass. The choice seems simple.
  5. Mowcowbell

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    Nice detailed installation! I went totally the opposite direction.

    1) Placed suction cup to hold dashcam on windshield.
    2) Draped USB cable straight down the front of the dash to the 12v plug under the shifter.

    The advantage of my install is I can quickly remove the unit completely to avoid any chance of theft. Zero chance of affecting airbag deployment.


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