Does your car drive straight?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by dannieboiz, Apr 14, 2019 at 9:35 PM.

  1. dannieboiz

    dannieboiz New Member

    Right off the bat with 7 miles on the odometer, i notice my car veer right slight. The wheel does not center itself regardless of if I'm driving on the left or the right side of the road (i do this to make sure it's not the curve of the road that's cuasing the steer. The steering wheel is probably a couple degrees off center.

    Some would argue that by regulation, the alignment needs to be slightly to the right so the car can steer off the road if you fall asleep or what have you. As far as I know, all my other cars track center when I pull the wheel either direction and let go.

    It was very late and I drove 7 hours to pick up the car, service department was close so I opted to take the vehicle and bring it to my local honda to have it checked out. Just wanted to see what everyone else's experience is before I bring it in.
  2. AlAl

    AlAl Member

    My car tracks straight, hands off wheel. However, I do have this annoying hop that comes about every once in a while. Thought it was a flat spot, but has been doing it for 4k miles; going to have them check it when I bring in for first service.

    Did you check your tire pressure?
  3. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    My car drives a bit queer, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

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  4. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Tracks straight. I've noticed in LKAS on a long straight road it slowly drifts from side to side but well inside the Lane.
  5. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Mine drives straight too with hands off wheel. If yours doesn’t and the tires are at 36 psi cold then it needs a 4 wheel thrust alignment. Warranty should cover this after service advisor takes a test drive in it. Sorry you’ll have to waste some time taking it in and waiting for it.
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  6. dannieboiz

    dannieboiz New Member

    Yah LKAS isn't perfect, but for the price, it's very acceptable. My XC90 that cost twice as much does this as well and even the Audi Q7 ping pong on lanes.

    With all off lane keep stuff off, it does this. I just happened to be very sensitive with alignment issues and I notice it right away. Gonna schedule to bring it in this week.
  7. David in TN

    David in TN Active Member

    LKAS is described in the Owners manual pages: 415-420

    Road Departure Mitigation setting is adjustable (page 326) for normal, wide, normal, and off. I've changed to narrow.

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  8. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    I noticed this too on my car... haven’t bothered to take it to the dealer for this, since it is only a minor annoyance. For me, this is during normal driving without LKAS activated.
  9. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    The steering wheel should be centered when driving on a flat road or parking lot. The car should go straight with your hands off the wheel in the same situation. Your car likely needs an alignment. Ask them to get it on spec, not just within spec, and mention the steering wheel needs centering. An alignment should include a tire check, but it’s better to set the tire pressure yourself ahead of time.
  10. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    Mine tracks straight without engaging lane keep assist. I had to check this carefully after I hit my front wheel on the curb. You need to return it to the dealer for alignment or whatever the problem is (could be a grabby brake).
  11. David in TN

    David in TN Active Member

    The only reason that I can think of for the car not to drive straight....

    Are you using gasoline with 10% ethanol in it? :D
  12. MPower

    MPower Active Member

    My car tracks straight with LKAS off.
  13. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    The key is that the car should track straight with steering centered with properly inflated tires on a flat road with no side wind.
    If not, take it back to the dealer.
    Keep in mind, most roads are not actually flat.
    They are crowned to shed water off each side or banked on corners to shed water to the inside radius.
    Standing water is a bad thing and to avoid this, civil engineers can't make roads flat.
    If it's not the road then caster (one the the alignment angles) is off on one side or the other.
    Caster makes the car center it's steering with an angle that leverages the cars weight to force the steering wheels back to center.
    If the front and rear wheels are not in alignment with each other (thrust alignment), the car will crab and you will have to hold the wheel off-center to drive straight, but there will be other noticeable issues with handling.
    At the end of the day, Honda owes you a car that drives straight with a centered wheel and that does not pull.

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