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Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by insightman, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Toi

    Toi Well-Known Member

    Interesting email this morning: Your 1 year free trial with SiriusXM has been started for your new Mini and you are all set... but... do you want to replace your old vehicle? (2011 Fiesta that I sold back in July) - yes please! clicked the button, logged in, and switch done in two steps...

    I still get the one year for free and then after that it gets billed just like it did before... first time I can utter the words: thanks Sirius! I had totally forgotten about the old car and cancelling service.
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  2. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    Selling/trading in cars is getting more complicating. You have to unpair your phones, clear your contacts and programming presets, deprogram your garage door openers, transfer or cancel your SiriusXM radio service...
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Sirius/XM seems to be more customer-oriented these days. It might be a response to a class-action lawsuit regarding the transferring of lifetime subscriptions. I have a lifetime subscription, but it can be transferred only twice, so I've never transferred it to one of my cars. The lawsuit seeks to eliminate the transfer limit. Perhaps they hope to avoid future such lawsuits by being friendlier to all subscribers regarding subscription transfers.
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  4. TittaPDX

    TittaPDX Member

    Ok, I finally connected again with my dealer and got a little more information. Let me also first say that I learned that all of those charges given to me by the dealer were the available options and not necessarily what I would be expected to pay. Except for maybe the Star Gard? Read more below.

    • $699 Perma Plate warranty - will help you out with repair or replacement of interior/exterior damage. Not something I'm going to purchase. More info attached in file.
    • $995 - Dealer Prep Star Guard - ( This is still confusing to me, even after I asked that it be explained to me like I'm stupid as to if it is or is not optional. I was told that it's wired into the car (maybe upon check-in, I don't think it was manufacture) and it's "built into the overall cost"...if that's the case, why is it an extra $1k to me? It's a security device and one use is to track vehicles if stolen. Then was told that "xx" number of cars were recovered during the Portland riots due to this system. So I'm thinking he was talking about BMWs and I didn't hear of cars being stolen on a widespread basis. Looking at a bmw forum, another use is to be able to repossess cars in case of non-payment. Looking at this site (, it states it's the "first customer-financed auto-inventory system" and "helps dealers locate and protect their inventory while on the lost. The most efficient way to track your inventory." For car owners, it helps "monitor how and where their cars are being driven. A connected car experience improves family safety." When I asked if this is required, it was made to sound as though it is.
    • $1295 Clearmask - covers the areas most exposed to rock chips. 1/3 of the hood, bumper, mirror caps, door edges and cups. I can get more coverage at a better price on my own.
    Has anyone been required to pay for Star Gard? @Toi - as your Seattle guy seems reasonable, could you ask him about Star Gard and if it's required/optional?

    I'm ready to cross out everything besides processing fees, tax and registration fees.

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  5. MichaelC

    MichaelC Active Member

    My dealership didn't mention/offer this to me, so I didn't pay for it. The description makes it sound like LoJack, which is completely redundant with the MINI Connected app and your car's built-in connected services. That seems like pure profit for the dealership while you pay extra for a capability your car already has.

    I believe that is the correct answer!
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  6. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    The SE has built-in GPS tracking (you have to enable it through the menu system), and then the MINI Connected app on your phone can see the precise location of your vehicle.

    I was never even offered the option of something like "Star Guard" from my dealer in Minneapolis.

    If the dealer wants it to track in case of repossession they should pay for it.
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  7. Toi

    Toi Well-Known Member

    Never even heard of Dealer Prep Star Guard. Cross it out, don't pay it, you didn't agree to it in the first place. If it is already there, their bad, they can either leave it there or they can pay to have it removed with no damage or permanent effects.
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  8. Lainey

    Lainey Member

    I have yet to take possession of my Mini SE but this was not an option 4 years ago when I bought my 4 dr hardtop. If I didn't ask for it, I would refuse to pay it. Redundant with the Mini connected as stated above too.
  9. LazyPanda

    LazyPanda Member

    Congratulations!!! She is a true beauty!!
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  10. Norbu72

    Norbu72 Active Member

    Definitely the correct answer. It will be interesting to see if they try the same stuff with me in the coming weeks.

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  11. Norbu72

    Norbu72 Active Member

    Sara Leader is in port in San Diego this morning. Long Beach tomorrow and then Oxnard on Wednesday. Counting down the days now.

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  12. Your selection of Signature Plus, green, black/grey seats, and Cosmos black is my current front runner for what I would want in my Mini (seems to change by the week with me). So I look forward to seeing photos!
  13. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    If I had chosen BRG instead of Moonwalk Grey, I'd make a deal with @Matt Shumaker for his Energetic Yellow parts because I like that Lotus color combo. @KeninFL suggested that MINI didn't want to step on Lotus's signature color combo and that's the reason the Energetic Yellow parts aren't available with BRG.
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  14. I had to google it - I think you might be right!
  15. Norbu72

    Norbu72 Active Member

    I will definitely provide photos.

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  16. Hello all, I took delivery of my Cooper SE today. UK level 2 trim, silver white, black roof and mirror covers with Comos alloys. Ordered 13th August, arrived at dealer 18th September. I delayed delivery until today to coincide with my current lease expiring. Haven't had much of an opportunity to explore the SE's capabilities due to poor weather today but I'm mightily impressed so far! 20201019_115623.jpg 20201019_122817.jpg 20201019_115623.jpg 20201019_122817.jpg
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  17. Mini Me

    Mini Me New Member

    Hi Titta,
    I'm stunned by the abusive approach of your dealer advisor.
    I also ordered my Iconic Mini from Mini of Portland, still waiting for it but so far did not experience so aggressive selling practices. Fully agree with your own conclusion: just keep on mandatory tax and fees.
    I do not have a final order details, but here is so far what I discussed:
    1. Iconic selling price: $ 37,750 ($36,900 + $850 destination/handling fee)
    2. Processing fee: $115
    3. Tax estimated $188.75 (in September 2020, at the time of the order)
    4. Non Tax fees $1,085.50 (registration and miscellaneous administrative fees --> still to be clarified)
    5. All weather floor mats - Free
    6. Short Antenna - Free
    Total Purchase = $39,139.25
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  18. Toi

    Toi Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new arrival!
  19. Norbu72

    Norbu72 Active Member

    Looks nice congratulations. I’m envious of the ordered to delivered time even with your self-imposed delay.

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  20. Looks great @Big Al Congratulations! That's a great colour combination.

    I have to say, I'm very jealous over the ridiculously short delivery times for UK customers. At this point, I'm looking at 7-8 month wait here in Australia. :(
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