Considering an Outlander, advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by Ordell98, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Ordell98

    Ordell98 New Member

    Hi, I'm a tall (6'3'') guy with two small kids and a wife, and we are considering the Outlander PHEV, we currently have a 2010 Corolla.

    How would you all rate the Outlander for road trips, and for daily driving? It seems like a good vehicle but the reviews vary greatly. Curious what the actual owners think!


    LARS DAHL New Member

    I really like mine, my previous Outlander XLS was faster, quicker in traffic and with quite incredible component life. At 130 miles I had done the spark plugs and brakes once. That being said I like the PHEV better, same seat height, leather perhaps not as soft, easy buttons etc. I would have liked to set the default mode for regen braking, ECO and hold but can certainly live with it as is. To me it is quite perfect. City driving less than 30 miles per day with an occasional out of town trip needing a gallon of gas for the return. I am in the 105+ MPGe range with 2300+ miles done. And I usually get more than 26 miles on a full charge AC and all.
  3. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    I would never dream of telling anyone what car they should or should not buy; that's a very personal decision that will depend on your lifestyle, your needs, and what you do or don't like.

    But I suggest you give the Honda Clarity PHEV a test drive before making your decision. The ~22 mile electric range of the Outlander PHEV is pretty small by today's standards.

  4. SilverNewt

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    My husband uses his Outlander PHEV for his 10 mile round trip daily commute. We haven't done a proper road trip yet, but we do take it to visit friends and family on the weekends. So far he loves it. The only complaint is that he added a roof rack (Dealer installed, Thule) and it whistles. He loves the cruise control. He's not a fan of leather seats (hot in summer), but he is dealing with them because a sunroof was very important to him.

    To Pushmi-Pullyu's point on electric range, he went with the Outlander (22 miles EV) over the Pacifica (33 miles EV) because all wheel drive was important to him.

    The Outlander replaced our 2012 CR-V. It has fewer cup holders and cubbies, which we miss. The CR-V was more of a mom-mobile. The rear cargo area is on par. I can't comment on driver headroom - neither of us are close to 6 feet tall. We have fit 4 adults and 1 kid in a booster in the Outlander several times, but the other 2 adults were always doting grandparents who were OK with snuggling their grandbaby. The rear seat behind the driver is narrower than the rear seat behind the passenger and the buckles overlap so there's quite a dance to get everyone buckled, but it's doable for the drive to/from the airport, restaurant, beach, etc.

    My only other rambling complaint is that the rear floor is not smooth. There's a weird gulley around the rear floormats which I'm certain will collect goldfish crackers and I'll need the crevice attachment to clean out. Like I said, the CR-V was more of a mom-mobile.
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  5. Ordell98

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    Thank you so much for your perspective!!

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