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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by loomis2, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. fotomoto

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    The EON I just got has a large heatsink case and fan included. Are these mods in addition to that or are you referring to folks getting their own phone and making a kit to save some $$? thx
  2. cokeb5

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    I'm referring to people creating their own EON with their own phone. :) If you bought an EON from, you should be fine! (but probably still be careful about not leaving it in the sun all day every day)
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    Very cool tech, I'm glad I started reading the thread... sadly the title gives almost no information so if that could be updated that would be great.
  4. Same here, this is an eye opener.
    Very tempting!
  5. fotomoto

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    (Again I'm using this in a 2018 Prius)

    I recently completed a 6 hr long interstate roundtrip encompassing both day and nighttime driving with OpenPilot engaged the entire time and only needed to touch the wheel once* for one erroneous off-ramp exit I wasn't taking; meanwhile the Clarity wants to take every exit. LOL I am simply amazed especially since it's beta and still needs work.

    I've been concerned this tech would lure me into more inattentiveness but the opposite occurred. I had more "brain cycles" to devote to other driving needs and arrived at each destination much less stressed and tired. I'm sold. :)

    *For newbies, it doesn't change lanes so I did have to perform those maneuvers (oh, the agony LOL). It also has a fairly aggressive "nanny" warning if it sees you are not looking forward for "x" amount of time. If you have the know how (I don't), that and just about anything else can be changed via coding.
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  6. Evfred

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    Adding on to @fotomoto ’s experience above. One thing to note for clarity and Honda in general is the torque available for steering is much more in the Prius (and Toyota) than Clarity. So on Clarity sharper curves on the highway will require driver intervention. Overall it is still a big improvement.
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  7. Fascinating. Thank you nth for your updates. I am seriously considering this. Likely won;t have time to contemplate the install until; summer, but no rush. Sounds like it would give me more banana peeling time! :) (A regular part of my morning commute :))
  8. RYU

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    I remember seeing an update that would officially support the Clarity. I checked the website... Nothing yet. Anyone know if an updated timeframe?

    I'm not interested in being in the beta program at the moment.
  9. cokeb5

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    Apparently GeoHot somewhat "misspoke" during that presentation. I believe is not planning to officially support the Clarity as of now, it's just supposed to be a bit easier for people to set up the Clarity themselves with the newer revised hardware. It's quite unfortunate really.
  10. warlock

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    If anyone is interested, here is my experience with Comma AI / OpenPilot and the Honda Clarity.
    My car is a 2018 Honda Clarity. The equipment I am using is an official EON and a grey Panda, as well as a custom harness adapter (guys on the discord channel can make them for around $35 to $40, it took 3 weeks to receive mine. Quality was excellent).
    To install, I simply removed the camera cover (push the cover up towards the headliner, then pry down from the top to pop off the clips, clips in bottom may break if you try to pry from the bottom). Remove the 1 wire harness going into the camera and plug it into the custom harness that adapter sit to an ODB2 port. Plug the OBD2 end into the grey panda, and then plug the USB from the panda into the EON.
    This next part is a bit technical, so if your not comfortable with technology, find a child or a relative that works in IT and they may be able to help you :). Flash open pilot into the EON if its still running on the free dashcam software it comes prepackaged with, then ssh into the unit and install the latest channel for the clarity onto the unit (as of right now, im using kegmans .70 branch for clarity). After you successfully install kegmans branch into the unit, perform a manual flash of the Panda unit (note: car must be off and everything plugged in, EON powered on for this to work). After the flash completes, reboot the unit and your ready to go. Took me about 20 minutes to complete (I am a IT guy for a living so i knew my way around a little better).

    My experience, the Open Pilot has been a huge upgrade over the stock system. I no longer need to grab the steering wheel to let the system know im paying attention, and it follows lines on the road significantly better. Also, it can follow a road even if only 1 line is visual which is a LOT of roads in my area. Its also very good at assumign routes when there is a break in the road paint (such as intersections) and even was able to trace a route for my driveway (no paint at all, it just did its best to follow the pavement! I did not expect this.) It works at pretty much ANY speed so no need to go above 40 to have the car drive! Also, the car will automatically resume after coming to a stop behind traffic regardless of how long it sits there. It is able to apply a bit more of a turn than the stock system, but im hoping future updates they figure out how to smooth this out and override the small power limit of the honda steering. Also, with .7, we now have auto lane change which im happy to report works amazingly. The car is not equipped with all around sensors to see other cars but all I need to do is peek in the mirror to make sure its clear than hit the directional. The car does the rest.

    I did a drive from Newport RI to Dennis Ma down in cape cod (about 70 miles) and only needed to take over maybe 4 times in total to take some exit ramps! It was incredible.

    All in all, it really makes it just about up to par with what you would expect from something like a tesla (not my words but seems accurate) . It cost me about $850 in total and about a 1/2 hour to install.
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  11. warlock, that sounds amazing!
    Your post is really pushing me to give this a shot!
  12. r1ptide64

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    Me, too. I think I'm going to pull the trigger.

    @warlock so the required parts are EON DevKit ($600) + panda ($100) + custom Clarity harness (not commercially available), correct? Can you confirm that the $400 car harness that comes bundled with the EON is unnecessary?
  13. r1ptide64

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    I just bought the parts for five of these custom harnesses. PM me if you're in the market for one.
  14. fotomoto

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    Comma2 was just announced and is now about $1200 for most setups. Although more money, it's an improvement and the auto shut-off 12v power feature may be worth the extra $$$ alone if it saves 12v battery replacements from severe discharges. That has occurred when I forgot to remove the EON before a long 3 day weekend.
  15. r1ptide64

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    That happened to your Prius, right? I wonder if the Clarity is set up to charge the 12v battery using the energy from the high-voltage battery even while the car is off... If so, I'd imagine it's a lot less of a concern on the Clarity.
  16. fotomoto

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  17. fotomoto

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    When purchasing, we test drove two new Clarity's that had been sitting on the lot for many months (6 miles on the ODO) and both had to be jump started with a power pack.
  18. cokeb5

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    Luckily for us we don't need to buy one of their harnesses, so "just" $999 + cost of custom harness (someone said $35-40). Also some group buys are currently going on in the Comma AI Discord group to get the Comma Two for $100 off for everyone, so can be done in full for around $935 with brand new equipment and warranty which isn't too bad.

    There is also some work being done to override the torque limiter on the steering wheel like has been done for a few other cars. Great things are happening! :)
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  19. warlock

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    Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, that is all I needed to get mine to work, the custom harness you buy replaces the $400 harness needed for other cars.

    Keep in mind, if you want to run the newer Eon, you will need to wait for the group to add support for it. It likely will not work immediately after release.
    I leave my eon plugged in 24/7 but its also my daily driver, so I dont leave it un-driven for weeks on end. In the kegman build there are custom options you can program into it, I have my eon set to stop charging once it hits 85% charged and wont start charging again until it goes below 65%.
  20. tim

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    This is super interesting! I had a few questions even after reading this thread and the website: Is the $24/month Comma Prime subscription required? If the EON is replaced with a cell phone, as some have suggested, can a SIM card be used? If the EON is used, does that require the Comma Prime subscription? Is the cell phone connectivity just for software updates, or is it used for operating the software?

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