Clarity Recall Repair Question (for fuel cell version)

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by tps5352, Feb 26, 2020.

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    Did Honda give you a bye on your lease payments while they kept your car for 10 weeks? I salute you for bearing the burden of a true early adopter for the sake of being an eco-driver.
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    No; no need. Those of us experiencing this long recall-repair delay are being given free "loaner" cars (in my case from Enterprise Rental Car). I elected to temporarily pay a discounted amount for an upgrade to a Tesla Model S for 10 days, then switched back to a free Toyota Camry which was also fun to drive, even though it is an ICE car, once I discovered the "sport" mode (with 8-speed shifting via the center shift lever [much better than the Honda Clarity buttons] and paddles [like F1 cars] on the steering wheel). Nonetheless I was glad to get back to my leased Honda car with its better (electric-motor) response and HOV sticker use of the diamond lanes. (The Model S was really fun, though.)

    All this comes with driving an experimental vehicle, I guess, and being an automotive "pioneer." I believe the problem (causing this recall) was an undetected software glitch that resulted over time in internal corrosion, so that fuel cell stack parts had to be replaced--an expensive repair. I believe this was corrected by the 2019-20 models?
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