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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Benoit Paquette, Jul 25, 2019.

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    PHEV Newbie - your condenser should be covered for 3 years 36 thousand miles factory warranty but I think the HVAC system in cars might be longer. Was this a Honda dealer that performed the work?
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    Condenser is no different than a windshield in that both are front/center and both take frequent direct hits from interstate rocks. Most are relatively harmless, a few can be damage inducing.

    A condenser that leaks at a seam due to mfr defect would be covered under warranty. A condenser that develops a leak caused by a rock impact is not covered by warranty, but it would be a legitimate and routine comprehensive insurance claim thru your insurance company, and subject to your comprehensive deductible.

    If he didn’t keep the part it has likely been discarded and it is too late now to convince Honda this is a part defect for a warranty claim, but the paperwork/paid receipt is enough to file an insurance claim for reimbursement minus deductible. IMO he should forget Honda this late in the game and call his insurance company to file a claim.
  3. insightman

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    He wrote that he has the old condenser (the dealer put it in his trunk) and it doesn't show any damage.
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    Just went through the same thing. No A/C. I have 38,000 mi on my car and suddenly semi-cool air blowing. 2 weeks ago, the A/C/ was so cold I had to turn down the fan to lowest setting. Dealer told me the coolant was low by 80%. They did a complete test (including the dye test) and could not find a leak. They re-filled the refrigerant and it's working least for today. I had to pay $300 even though I have an extended warranty. Apparently the extended warranty only covers mechanical failures. I was told the refrigerant is initially only covered for 24,000 miles or 3 years. I was also told by the extended warranty people that Honda Claritys have huge A/C failures.
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    I can't help but wonder exactly what data they are basing this statement on, especially considering the sample size. I also wonder if they are referring to the specific problem that occured with your car (of which the cause seems to have never even been identified) or if they may be referring to something like the SB (for, I believe, one of the earliest batches of the Clarity) for the replacement of a fan that was deemed to be a little too loud.

    In any regard, I'm sorry you had to endure this cost and frustration. I hope it's now resolved and that you'll have a better experience in the future.

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    My Gen2 Fit had HORRIBLE AC issues and, living in the deep south, the AC is needed 11 months out of the year! So far, though, Clarity has been wonderful in our mid-90's weather with 105+ heat indices. Cabin pre-conditioning makes the car worth every penny!
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    I am in the hot southwest where 100+ degree weather is daily.
    Glad to have a great A/C system !
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  8. leop

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    The AC system in the Clarity PHEV is completely enclosed and has no seals like those in more common autos with belt driven AC compressors. In particular, there are no shaft seals. The Clarity PHEV compressor and motor are a single unit and the compressor motor runs on the high voltage circuit not the 12V circuit. The compressor is not driven by a belt connected to the IC engine. So, almost all leaks are caused by a mechanical failure and those AC related mechanical failures are explicitly covered by the Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract (extended warranty in common terms). This explicitly includes the refrigerant evacuation, recharge, and recovery made necessary by the mechanical breakdown. Leaks can be caused by a rock hitting the condenser. However, the condenser is located behind the dual radiators for the HV battery and inverter cooling so a rock hit would usually also damage those radiators. There is narrow opening directly to the very bottom of the condenser that is about 1cm high and that is the only path that would allow a rock hit.

    I suspect the Honda service managers are used to the normal auto AC system which can leak through the external shaft seals could be called a wear item with normally expected leakage. However, the Clarity PHEV AC system is different. I would object quite a bit if the AC refrigerant leaked out on my Clarity PHEV and was not covered by the Honda Care contract unless there was visual impact damage to the very bottom of the condenser.

  9. insightman

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    I'm glad the dye test showed the leak in our Clarity's defective condenser. I'm not an a/c technician so I don't know if @Valente's leak could be so slow that it wouldn't show up through the dye test, but the dealer can't claim there's no problem if it all leaked out in such a short period of time.
  10. 4sallypat

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    Very helpful info!
    I noticed that when I turn on the A/C, there is no "oomph" or sag in lighting so it's true that it runs on the high voltage EV pack instead of the 12V battery common on ICE engines that I typically see.
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    Awesome info, thanks for sharing!

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