Cheapest lease in U.S $79/ month

Discussion in 'Hyundai IONIQ Electric' started by electriceddy, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Very tempting for me to replace my 2014 Leaf. I wonder what the real deal is?
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    I just saw that on the website. If I didn't have to replace my Clarity (major reliability issues) AND I wasn't quite a bit upside down (owe more than it is worth) so I need to roll that into my new loan (I recently moved and had a number of unexpected expenses so I don't have much cash) I'd jump on it. Even if the miles per charge were only enough for day to day driving, at $79/mo it would be worth buying a cheap gas used car (or leasing an econobox) since I drive over 10K miles a year, about double actually, and it could still be a very good deal (and then I wouldn't have to rent something whenever I wanted to take a trip).

    The Ionic in all three guises, the HV, the PHEV and the EV, is still on my list as a possible Clarity replacement, I'll just have to buy it outright so I can roll over the extra from my old loan (terrible way to finance, but sometimes you just don't have a choice- my Clarity is just over 6K from being out of warranty and it is VERY unreliable).
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    Update to the above post...

    I replaced my Clarity with a 2019 Sonata later Sunday a few hours after my post. They are practically giving them away to make room for the 2020s (about $4k in factory rebates along with a very healthy discount from the dealer, and as low as 0% on 60mo is available- I couldn't resist). I'm loving it, but I do miss running on electricity. I've been thinking about driving Uber several hours a week to supplement my teacher's salary to help get ready to buy a house (probably about 2 years off, but possibly as soon as 1 year or as long as 3). I'm now thinking that with the 10k mile limit on the lease, with the lower price of electricity (and the ability to top off for free at some public chargers) I would probably break even on a $79/mo lease if I drove 10k miles a year on electricity v. driving Uber on gas, and I would save 10k miles on my new car. I'll drive Uber for about a month on my new car before deciding though, I'd hate to commit to the 3 year lease, drive Uber for a month or two and hate it but not be able to stop due to the extra expense of the lease. If I did do this, I could see buying the car and keeping it at the end of the lease (the cost to buy at the end of the lease is under $14k), but of course, I'd have to see the advancements in electric vehicles at that time to judge if it was really worth it).

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