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Discussion in 'Mustang Mach-E' started by Lavern, Jan 11, 2021 at 8:54 AM.

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  1. Lavern

    Lavern New Member

    I was asked if you could use the battery of Mach-E as a generator for the home if you lose power. Is this true?
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  3. You can hook an inverter to the 12 volt battery and put the car in run mode or utility mode and get about 1 kilowat of power. I have done this with my Hyundai Kona electric and powered my house during power outages. I am sure it could be done with a Mach E as well. To my knowledge there is no plug receptacle on the Mach E that you can plug directly into and nothing is shown in the manual.

    Below is a link to a thread showing how EV's (in particualr a Kona ) can be connected for back up power.

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