Audi Battery Degradation Research

Discussion in 'e-tron' started by Liz_recurrent, Mar 24, 2021.

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  1. Liz_recurrent

    Liz_recurrent New Member

    Hi Audi E-tron Community,

    I’m Liz, an atmospheric scientist working with folks at a company called Recurrent. Our goal is to help EV buyers understand the battery health and range of used electric cars. We are developing machine learning algorithms to predict future battery life and range across all major EV models.

    Here’s where I need your help. Since we use machine learning, we need to have a lot of data to refine and improve our battery models. We have plenty of Tesla, Chevy, and Nissan drivers who share anonymous battery data with us and get monthly battery reports in return. However, we need more Audi E-tron drivers to share their vehicle data. To participate, you’ll need an active subscription to Audi Connect (CARE base level or better). Once you sign up, the data collection is automatic, so no work on your end.

    Here’s the signup link and FAQ but I'm also happy to chat about the project and our company.

    We will also send you free monthly battery analytics reports as we build up our comparative data, and our subscribers are finding the reports helpful when they are ready to sell their vehicles.

    So if you drive an EV and really want everyone else to drive an EV in the future, please consider volunteering your data.

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