Any news on Kona Electric and the EA Tiered pricing??

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by BlueKonaEV, Oct 17, 2019.

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    It has been months already since the issue came up and it was stated that both, Hyundai and EA were aware of the issue. Have there been any updates if anything is being done on this issue?? I do like the EA infrastructure and slowly, their chargers seem to become more reliable.. I would like to charge with them while on the road but not for 59 cents per minute for sub 75 kw charging..
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  2. No official statement or changes yet, however legislation has lately allowed non-energy-providing companies to charge customers by kwh. That opens up different charging structures to be used and Bing (admittedly not a super big player) had already changed their pricing structure to kwh based instead of minute based.

    So hopefully we'll get there sooner than later.

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    I charged at their office in Reston VA, and ran into an EA employee (same building as the VW headquarters - hardly surprising, I guess). He was aware of it and said that EA and Hyundai were working on a solution. Whatever that is - it could just be finger pointing, with each trying to get the other to change something. I didn't press him for details as they would likely be confidential until they are ready to announce. The guy seemed quite knowledgable, so he wasn't just some low-level person. I mentioned per kWh would seem like a fairer way to handle things, and his response was that they are limited by local regulations.

    It is a shame as all of the >50kW chargers in my area seem to be EA, and it cramps my style to avoid EA. I did find a free 50kW charger however, and I used a 50kW Chargepoint this morning.
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    I don't think that EA intends to change their pricing to kwh..
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    It wasn't just *anyone* from EA that I talked to at their HQ. I am pretty sure it was this guy:

    The CEO of EA. I had no idea.
  6. Hmmm, that's good. Should keep in touch with this guy for further progress reports...:)
  7. Well, who knows, but all least there is more options for different pricing.

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  8. An entire thread and NOBODY bothers to say what EA is?

    And don't tell me to Google it.
  9. Electrify America ...

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  10. Bless you.
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    Nothing in the Dakotas, and not much in Montana. If you were going cross-country, you would need to go further south, via Denver to make it.

    I was talking with a Tesla owner the other day - he went to Yellowstone, and it was tricky getting there and back. Apparently a new charging station was being built in Cody WY, which would make this a lot easier.

    To be fair, EA just started phase 2 out of 4 in their buildout. New stations come online all the time, and it gradually fills things in.
  14. Seems central Canada always gets left in the cold (pardon the pun)
    I do however see on Plugshare at least 2 locations (Canadian Tire) coming soon, one in Saskatoon:
    and one in the Peg:
    So I am sure there will be more with competition from Petro Canada.
  15. It seems that those Canadian tire locations are conceptual electrify Canada sites. There is zero activity at the Manitoba Canadian tires, I remain dubious. Meanwhile I drove by the Petrocan on Trans Canada highway near Winnipeg yesterday , looks like they have the foundations built for the chargers, they might have something up before winter shuts them down.
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  17. BlueKonaEV

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  18. TheLight75

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    This may not be a popular viewpoint, but I’d like to see the local/state regulators get involved with regulating EV charging the same way they regulate gas pumps: ensuring that the quantity of juice/fuel is what you pay for and that pricing models are reasonable (and not opportunistic).
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  19. We are planning a trip, Vancouver to AZ, in March. But based on what I reading (and looking at plugshare), will likely take our ICE vehicle. It will probably be cheaper (with cheap gas down there) and not have to think about where to charge all the time.
  20. ericy

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    For regular gas pumps, one station could jack up the prices, and nobody would go there. We don't have enough DCFC for that to really work in the EV world, but as time goes on, we get more choices.

    The regulators make sure that when you think you are buying a gallon, that you really do get a gallon.

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