A few wonderings about Clarity features as a new owner

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jeko44, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. zman0900

    zman0900 New Member

    Subaru's eyesight system has been camera-only like that for years now and it works great. No problems with snow covering up sensors, as long as the wipers can keep up.
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  3. jeko44

    jeko44 New Member

    Yeah, my Hyundai has those TPMS sensors, too. It is nice to have them.
  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I wonder how well the 11th-gen Civic's Adaptive Cruise Control works when driving into a sunrise or sunset? Happy we have the radar in our Clarity!
  5. We had back up sensors added at purchase. $700 plus, but I'm glad we did. They do a good job of picking up things at a 45 degree angle as well. Beep like crazy until we clear the garage door.
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  7. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

    The steering wheel shake is because lane departure. If you use the turn signal it won't shake. I drive my friends kia sportage and it beeps(annoyingly) when close to objects while maneuvering in tight spots. Not a favorite feature of mine. The blind spot camera should be replaced with a front camera activated when close to an object.
  8. PHEVDave

    PHEVDave Active Member

    Then just multiply that 60 degrees (120 degrees cut in half) by three since you have three rear view mirrors!
  9. PHEVDave

    PHEVDave Active Member

    The interesting thing is that if you adjust your mirrors properly, you will have very little, if any, blind spot. For some reason many people think they need to adjust their side mirrors so they can see the sides of their own car which is really a waste!
  10. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Well-Known Member

    So you magically split the car and move into both lanes on either side of you at the same time?

    And the premise is simply wrong anyway. I have less peripheral vision than most because of a lazy eye, and I can see both the rear view and left mirror at the same time while looking ahead. It's even easier for the right mirror because it pops up on the video screen. Use your blinkers, angle your mirrors correctly (if you can see your own car, they're not out far enough), and be spotless.
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  12. PHEVDave

    PHEVDave Active Member

    That’s exactly right. I don’t think most people realize why most cars have three separately adjustable rear view mirrors. So many times I have jumped into a rental car or a friend’s car and I just shake my head at how overlapped their fields of view really are. You should be able to adjust them such that when a vehicle behind you just disappears out of view of one mirror it has already just appeared in the view of the other mirror. There is no good reason whatsoever for you to be able to see down the side of your car in either of your side mirrors. They should be angled out to see what is next to the car, not the car itself!
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  13. There seems to be a need to have the car notify the driver of any and all potential obstacles or dangers, that goes beyond properly adjusted mirrors.

    It is just my opinion, that all of these driver “assistance” features breed lazy drivers and develop poor driving habits. Impulsive lane changes are just a bad idea, I don’t care how many cameras, buzzers or blinky lights adorn the car. And for the love of all things precious, if you can’t back a mid-sized sedan into a garage or parking spot without hitting a sign post or parking meter, please take some driving lessons. Please.
    Last edited: May 4, 2021
  14. PHEVDave

    PHEVDave Active Member

    I agree wholeheartedly. There is no substitute (yet) for using your God-given faculties of hearing and vision to determine what’s going on around you. The moment you lazily give that up to a computer in your car is probably when you should quit driving.
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  15. quiet-cheese

    quiet-cheese New Member

    vision only ACC seems to be the way to go.
    even the latest version of tesla full self driving beta seems to be using single front facing camera for ACC
  16. Thanks! After over 55 years of driving, I can still learn something new!

    On both our Clarity and our Ridgeline - the only cars I’ve driven since reading the above, both mirrors showed a substantial portion of the car/truck. Maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the mirror’s surface wasted. Don’t know when I got in the habit of adjusting them that way, but they’re much better now.

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