2018 Leaf Occupancy Sensor Issue

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by R Cooper, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. R Cooper

    R Cooper New Member

    Is anyone having a problem with this sensor? Passenger seat thinks someone is in the seat when empty, passenger air bag light is off and seat belt light is on the dashboard.
  2. KENNY

    KENNY New Member

    Do you have something heavy on the seat like a sports bag or purse?

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  3. R Cooper

    R Cooper New Member

    Seat is empty.
  4. DJP

    DJP New Member

    My 2015 got a recall notice back in January 2017 for the opposite of this. That is, if the seat was occupied the OCS (Occupant Classification System) could be deactivated if someone was in the seat. It would incorrectly classify the passenger seat as empty.

    I suggest you take your car back to your Nissan dealer. It should be covered under the normal warranty.
  5. R Cooper

    R Cooper New Member

    Have been back to them. They dont know what it is - they think its an air bag issue or a seat belt issue.

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