2018 Bolt Availability and Realistic Options/Changes

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by JeremyK, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. tongsli

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    My wish list is short: on-board navigation but not a deal killer for me. I will be leasing something next year. My vehicle short list: Bolt, Ioniq

    If the Ioniq gets a battery 40KW or larger with over 200 miles of range AND remote thermal management, then I'm in. Otherwise it's a Bolt for now
  2. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    Thank you very much for explaining that, Jeremy.

    And my humble apologies for assuming you didn't know what you were talking about. In this case, I was the one demonstrating the Dunning-Kruger effect, rather than you! :eek::oops:
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  5. God

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    It's not GM Authority, it's what GM considers "new" on their ordering guide...If we recall the 2018 Volt's ordering guide, it stated the Bose system was standard on the LT when GM corrected later commented that was a mistake...

    The MY17 Bolt's wireless charging was Powermat only while the MY18 includes Qi (required for the iPhone)...We could argue that it would have cost GM very little to add Qi from the beginning or that they should offer an upgrade kit to add Qi to other vehicles, but at the end of the day, GM doesn't appear to support convenient wireless CP/AA, wireless charging is slow and you can buy Qi chargers for $20ish if you have to have it...Furthermore, the iPhone 8/X supports fast charging, you will have to buy a lightning to USB-C cable and have amp/watt 12v USB-C charger to utilize it, a combo that can often be had for around $30 and that way you're able to use navigation and still add a significant charge...Most on the Volt forums state using their Android for AA navigation on the wireless charging pad results in the phone losing it's charge...
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  6. God

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    Correction to this...You cannot use AA unless the phone is plugged in so AA and wireless charging is a no go...What they said they used the wireless charging with Waze, independent of AA and was losing vs gaining a charge...

    I'll add, BMW appears to be the only manufacture to offer wireless CP/AA and it's older models cannot be upgraded...Needs Wifi to work, unsure if you need to pay a monthly plan to use it or not yet I could see a manufacture mandating a fee to enable that feature...
  7. unlucky

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    I don't care who is at the base of this. I'm saying if you read the story in GM Authority don't take it as gospel. They missed at least one thing already.

    The MY17 Bolt wireless charging was PMA and Qi. It says so right in the manual. It just doesn't work with iPhones. Whatever went wrong perhaps GM could have fixed it the first time but Apple didn't have any wireless charging phones at the time. And even the rumors couldn't tell us for sure it supported Qi. Now it seems like GM is changing their cars. Seems reasonable.

    I'd love wireless Carplay but there is only one car that supports it and I'm not sure it was even out when the Bolt came out. I have no doubt I'll buy another car some day. Maybe that one will have wireless Carplay and other goodies I'd like to have.

    My phone charges when using Carplay. I'd love it if those connectors were 12W connectors instead of 5W (and the ones in the back too). But I'm getting by.
  8. God

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    I have not seen if this works or not for either AA/CP, but it's only $6... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NIGO4NM/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1K0O9XEM4PWVI

    You'd want a 2+amp 12v to USB adapter as well...
  9. Rob Kaulfuss

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    I waited to sit in a Bolt before I would put a deposit on one. I could immediately tell that it was unacceptable (too narrow) so I got a Volt, which has a very comfortable seat (for me). I have now sat in three different Bolts and they all felt about the same. If there are any differences in foam as some have speculated, that will not change the basic design, but might help those who found it mostly OK.
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  10. WadeTyhon

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    Well too bad the Bolt didn't work out, but I'm glad you found the Volt more to your liking! It is an awesome PHEV!

    Personally, I prefer driving our Bolt overall for legroom, headroom, and ease of entry. But the seats in our Volt are far superior without a doubt.
  11. JeremyK

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    With all the talk about what's in the GOP tax plan, I've pulled ahead my plans to purchase a Bolt (I was going to buy one next year anyway). The local dealer is very pro-EV (in Michigan BTW). They told me that they ordered 50 Bolts from CA, before they were available in MI. They've since received additional allocation, but strong demand has them at only 10 in stock right now, which is the lowest they've had in months.

    If my 2011 Volt sells on Craigslist, there's a decent chance I'll be in a Bolt by the end of this month. Almost a shame, because I just put new wheels and snow tires on the Volt and it looks pretty BA.
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  12. rgmichel

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    I am not so sure that DCFC should be an option. With no DCFC, any electric car is significantly hobbled. It becomes a local car, with no possibility of long distance driving beyond about 200 miles. While there are some ICE cars that you would prefer not to drive long distance, all of them can do it notionally. I would rather give a "local" EV a different name than Bolt EV and sell it separately in such a market. I suspect though, DCFC will not be optional in the future, but standard.
  13. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    I had the same experience: test drove the basic bolt, then the premier. I found the premier model to be improved, but I could tell they were the same seat. I then went to another dealer, for an irrelevant reason, and drove the premier again. This time I was sold on it. Since then I have driven well over 3000 miles long distance, and 4000 miles local, and found that I have no complaints with the seats. However, its true that the Bolt EV is a small car, and the front seats reflect that. I am not sure the Volt is quite as small, so I am sure if the main reason you are buying a car is for the seats, then.....maybe, but the main reason to buy a Bolt is that it is a great car from the points of view, of acceleration, range on one charge, cargo space for the size of car, handling, infotainment system, and so on. Its just a great car.
  14. WadeTyhon

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    Another minor note that I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere.

    Apparantly the 2018 Bolt will get Volt-styled extendable sun visors! At least that is how I read this:

    • Sliding sun visor, driver and front passenger
    It is a small thing, but one of my few complaints is that the sun visors are too short for the large windows. XP

  15. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    I wonder if the new sun visor can be retrofitted to a 2017 machine.
  16. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Indeed, and I think this is one reason why so many sources call the Bolt EV a "city car", even though that term seems to anger some Bolt EV owners and/or GM fans posting here. By making DCFC optional rather than standard, GM seems to be signalling it's a city car, even if GM fans don't like the label.

    And as long as I'm on the subject: I mentioned that Jalopnik used the "city car" label. One of those arguing with me disputed that. Well, you can see it for yourself right here:

  17. God

    God Member

    One thing to think about was GM did the exact same to the Spark EV before the Bolt EV...
  18. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    I sure hope so because if it is possible, I will be doing it!
  19. God

    God Member

    GM parts direct sells either the MY17 Bolt EV's driver or passenger sun-visor for $48.23/each, no mention of the MY18 but I don't think it'll be much longer before we hear the price...

    BTW, I saw multiple stories weeks ago that the MY18 Bolt EV will start production this month, any news on if production has started or when deliveries are supposed to occur? One interesting thing I read that I'm not sure is true is that ZEV credits ignore model years and deliveries, it's all about produced vehicles so even GM cranking out MY18 vehicles in great numbers would be credited more now than later...Furthermore, it appears the federal tax credit will remain but could still go away 1/1/18 and if that's the case, I'll bet this December will be a record month for all EV sales...
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  20. God

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    Any info to when 2018 Bolt EVs are expected to hit dealership lots?

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