Vaccines as the new Lead

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    Lead in the gas is said to have cut 3 IQ points from the US population and made it more violent everywhere including the board room. There has also been questions about whether this was intentional. I think it was. I know 3 IQ points- who believes in that voodoo? But it did serious damage to society in a backfiring kind of way because much more than Roe v Wade the moment the lead filtered out of societal system there was a huge drop off in violent crime. The effects were also quite pronounced. Cities that had the lead in the gas had much higher rates of murder, its part of what explains the difference in violence between Chicago and Windsor Canada over the decades where there was a huge difference the rest is likely the economic with Windsor have a much better safety net.

    Its important to understand elitism in plain language. It says some races, some genders and some inevitable classes are better than others, that some people are better than others that the better people have a right to rule over inferior people by any means necessary and that the superiors and their children will always be superior and have a right to rule over everyone else forever because they are elect. That class is inevitable. That superiority is in bread and unchangeable and almost always those already on top have won the contest of history forever. Rich is superior to poor and whiter is superior to blacker and male is superior to female or other genders and those that are inferior are property and those that are superior own them and that the inferiority and superiority is definitional and the greatest crime is an inferior put over a by definition hard wired superior. This is what they are about and reinforcing this and protecting is what they will direct all of societies energy to. It is stupid, its backwards, its fear based and its tribal. They also want conspicuous identity and they also feel leisure is superior to work but preach work as a religion because they see it as service to them.

    So when you question the safety and efficacy of vaccine tech they don't tell you that based on empirical results especially on the basis of infant mortality Japan has abandoned the tech after having been its most aggressive proponent nor that Japan has had the best outcomes globally for decades for health outcomes only improving when they dropped vaccines validating the action. They don't tell you about 1 in 2000 children are in the federal vaccine damaged child program because a vaccine has destroyed their normal function- they are receiving aid for it and written off for life. They don't tell you there hasn't been proper testing so they don't have proper efficacy and risk rates and yet they indemnify vaccine makers against liability! They don't tell you that since they ramped out these vaccines children are actually much sicker. In the 1970 a child might visit the Dr. with an illness every 3 years, its almost every month now. And as we know people are contagious to those around them right after injection and we know that even inoculated people are still susceptible to what they've been inoculated for. Viruses are protean and resilient and tough but they mass manufacture this year's flu vaccine based on last year's flu which won't work and then presumably healed out in the wild viruses waft out of storm drains spreading mass contagion. Anyone think ful rates are down because of vaccines?

    Sponsored medicine as a real issue on what they can successfully synthesize in a lab- can't synthesize stuff out past about 50 atoms because analog conforms are too many to predict shape and their voodoo on sequence equals form equal function breaks down so they like to modify stuff that is already more complex, but they don't like stem cell because that's too effective for them- they want to be able to rip people off with drugs that are mainly placebo or straight poisons based on nothing but marketing for ever. They also want the social placebo of public belief in the tech in place to stop mass hysteria if there is a real problem like Spanish flu. But we know viruses come and go or we wouldn't be here. And again we know people are contagious immediately after vaccination for the malady they've been vaccinated for and that anecdotally some of the vaccines with greater complications are for more trivial maladies. Wait until you face a mother who is convinced a vaccine has seriously damaged her child's brain.

    But now we have FaceBook under the malevolent idiot Ajit Pai's FCC rules claiming the vaccine makers have paid it to discriminate against its users content and it will delete content that urges caution on vaccines. And lets be clear idiots in the US state placed into illegitimate positions of power (like Ajit Pai) by sponsor money manipulations and bribery are violating people's constitutional rights insisting these vaccine firms have unfettered access to our children's bloodstreams for their social and genetic experiments.

    This reminds me of BYD on the one hand hypocrites on the right in the US claim money (bribery) is speech but when you try to divest what looks like has the same kind of elitist dynamics as Nazi Germany they want to violate your rights (even the limited ones the constitution recognizes.)

    So given the history of elitism we don't just trust sponsored medicine on the question of vaccines. People don't have time to ***** about antibiotics or venom antidotes but with vaccines where there is a huge amount of smoke there is real fire so the safer assumption is they don't know what they are doing with this tech (if they did it wouldn't be coerced) and or it is an elitist attempt at dumbing down generations to make them in to elitist targets for slavery or some other elite status quo supporting bs.
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    Kudos! You have outdone yourself with this post!

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    I don't normally read anything you post, but you have taken your monsters under the bed posts to a new level.

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