Tracking power consumption, miles per kWh, other new owner questions

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jlebowski, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. jlebowski

    jlebowski New Member

    The parts arrived this morning. My ceiling mount of the supplied L1 EVSE:


  2. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    Oh, wow! I didn't realize your outlet was on the ceiling. Is the screen big enough to see it easily or are you going to do what you just did and take a picture and enlarge it. Since I reset it every quarter, the total number of doesn't get beyond the number of available digits. I guess at some point you will exceed the number of digits available. I can't tell you what happens at that point.

    I guess with the EVSE actually screwed into the ceiling you are not planning on taking it down anytime soon so the difficulty of removing the plug is not going to be a problem for you.

    I hope that the meter you got lasts as well as mine has and gives you the info you want. As they say, wear it in good health.
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  3. markc

    markc New Member

    My KAW was one I got from NREL after a workshop one summer so I really don't know which model it is. It has shown no ill effects of a regular 1.3 kW draw. I do have to read the data off the little screen then reach up (it's plugged into an outlet on the ceiling) and unplug in order to reset the meter. It's not an elegant process but all the parts were free for me.
  4. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    Get WiFi to track kWh usage, know that many public chargers will not five you this information. I’m using ChargePoint home and a JuicePlug (away from home and charging on 120v). I try to charge at ChargePoint stations, even the free ones give kWh used.
    First are different ChargePoint sessions, a home, a paid public session, and a free public session. The second two are captures from EV JuiceNet.
  5. bbct

    bbct New Member

    So it sounds like most people use 2.5 to 3.5 kwh/mi, is that a good estimate? So at $.10/kwh, it'll cost between $1 and $1.40 to go the same 40 miles (approximately) you get per gallon of gas. So I am both keeping the air cleaner and getting less expensive fuel, as long as my electric rates don't go up too much...
  6. markc

    markc New Member

    2.5 miles/kWh is a pretty good number for temperatures under 40 deg F and 3.5 mi/kWh for warmer temperatures.

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