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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by MNSteve, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Two links to info you seek.

    We agree to disagree thats harm no foul.

    I will stand by the data collected on the Clarity I drive...SoC has little to no bearing on engine clutch engagement nor RPM's. I do not have to concern myself with adapting my driving habits to ensure "SoC is this or that" one ioda. By your own admission you have to adapt your driving habits, charging methods etc for the Clarity to perform like you expect. I do not...that should be clear enough.

    Engine clutch engagement/disengagement is very predictable for the Clarity I drive at 45 to 65 mph. If my findings do not suit your narrative...I'm sorry.

    I have placed the OBDll device on a friends Clarity for about two weeks and her data is very similar to the other data collected...very few RPM's above 3000. And she drives fast on the interstate.

    Once comparative data from at least two Clarity's which the owners thinks experiences high revs is obtained...then we can continue this discussion. Pointless otherwise.

    I look forward to data for comparison purposes...not through a thread. My question remains the same...Is the Clarity I drive normal or abby normal? Dunno

    As to other data points...Yes I collect 16 total...throttle, load, battery, temps, etc. etc.

    Thanks again for all the valuable input.
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    Power Loss:
    Those items are also available on my system, but I did not think they would help reverse engineer the problem: You are probably right that more data is better. My system gets bogged down when it is recording more than 5 items (Polling goes longer than 0.5 sec)

    My understanding of the power loss problem is the engine is rev'ing fine, somehow the ICE and traction motor are not putting power to the wheels... Just trying to understand how that is possible.

    Hypothesis: The direct drive clutch is not engaged. There is no electrical power going to the traction motors.
    This hypothesis I was looking for data to confirm.

    Hypothesis of cause: Pedal position is not sensing properly.
    Battery is drawing too much charging power.

    Brakes dragging
    Regen engaged
    Mechanical failure in drive train (improbable because all cars get back in operation without repairs)
    Traction motors overheated ( I would hope this would generate an error code, and warnings before failure)
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    Agree to disagree.

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    My Clarity was predictable until cold weather set in.
    Normal changes with each trip now.
    I wonder about what drives the logic for clutch lock, high RPMs, etc.

    Great discussion though everyone!
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    What temperature did you see the cold weather operation? Below 20F?
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    What hybrid specific data is available with your system?

    SOC for traction battery?
    Traction motor torque or energy?

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