Tesla Cybertruck Design Changes Suggest A More Normal Pickup Truck Look

Discussion in 'Cybertruck' started by interestedinEV, Apr 18, 2020.

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    Seems to more at the fringes rather than a regression to the mean

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the Tesla truck, called the Cybertruck, will change to take on a more traditional truck-like appearance. The changes will be minor, but when added together, the look will be a bit more traditional and less polarizing, we think.

    What you can't see in the image (top) is that the windowsill will be lowered, perhaps even considerably. This will greatly enhance outward vision and make the cabin feel more airy. A few more changes that are noticeable in the rendered image include that the truck's size will be reduced by around 3% and that the centerline of the truck is more level. In the depiction, the level centerline makes for a bed height that's not so outrageously high.
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    There is often a significant difference between the 'prototype' and 'production.' I note there is at least an order of magnitude more prototypes than the subsequent production. So I put my Model 3 deposit down Feb 28, 2019 when Elon announced the $35k version. I had the car in my hands March 26, 2019 and been very happy ever since.

    I don't need a pickup so the cybertruck is interesting but not compelling. Now if Tesla announced at MicroBus style EV, my eyes would perk up ... likely even my wallet.

    Bob Wilson

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