System updates for non-Navigation Kona?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Mattsburgh

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    I have the Limited version of the car, without Navigation. I wasn't really thinking about the map updates when I tried to set up my account this weekend, and my VIN number was rejected. Then I realized ok maybe this website really is for only Nav updates, but ... wouldn't non-Nav infotainment systems need to be updated occasionally too? And if so, how does one go about finding such an update and applying it to the car's system?
  2. There are no owner-accessible updates to any Kona systems other than the infotainment system. Any software updates need to be done at the dealership.
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  3. Mattsburgh

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    Bummer, I was hoping I could do it myself with a USB stick, like I did with my Ford C-Max. Thanks
  4. Jgood

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    So is that literally the only reason to have my Kona serviced at the dealer? I got an email from the dealer this week telling me my car was scheduled for a service appointment. I looked in the manual and the single item listed in the service list was "rotate tires". My snow tires are being installed tomorrow so I guess the dealer will have to wait for my money.
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  5. Feels good, no?
  6. Mattsburgh

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    Yeah I can't imagine going to my dealer for much. I need to renew my inspection once a year but last time they did that for free, which I actually really appreciated.

    No oil changes... no spark plugs... I'm not even sure if there are any belts, maybe for the A/C compressor? It's all good if you ask me.
  7. ericy

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    Minimal things. Cabin air filter. Probably check the FE alignment from time to time, but if you are switching tires, that probably happens anyways.

    Hadn't thought about a belt for the ac compressor - co just be direct drive electric. There isn't really anything that could drive the belt.
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  8. Maintenance schedule is in the owner's manual. No need to guess. No reason to heed dealership service notices either. They are firmly stuck in ICE-land.
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  9. We all may be visiting our dealers soon. I had my tires rotated last week and was told there's a coolant leak recall coming out.
  10. Ugh. I hope it's limited in scope.

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