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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Brennan Raposo, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    No luck Brennan. I get the AV OFF along the top, but then I tried repeatedly to hold power button for a few seconds and only got a black screen.
  2. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Ok! I’ll try it again in the morning on my way to work. I’ll record the actual steps and get back to you!
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  3. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    Holding down the AV power button turns off the screen (not just the radio), and if you have set a screensaver (digital or analog clock), it is displayed. The screensaver is only enabled through the menu, unless I'm missing something.

    My original point was that I'd like to have a small clock on the dash as an alternative to that large screensaver.
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  4. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    Does anyone else find the control arm to turn on the windshield wipers to be a little flimsy feeling when moving up or down? Whereas, the arm on the left side for the turn indicator feels a lot more solid. I guess with automatic wipers I won’t be using it a lot but it definitely doesn’t scream $50k car to me.
  5. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    Funny. Just today I was thinking how solid I thought the controls were. If you feel a difference you might want to bring it to your dealer's attention.
  6. Oilberta

    Oilberta Member

    Don't know if this qualifies as a quirk, but how do you get rid of SiriusXM (Canada), before the trial period is up ? I get emails and somehow they know the radio ident #. How they got this info is beyond me. Probably the from the dealer or Hyundai head office. Here's the message I get when I click on UNSUBSCRIBE:
    "Please note that you will continue to receive billing, customer service-related notifications and other similar information from us even if you have unsubscribed from this message list"
    They will bill even if I haven't subscribed ?? I think I'll try their 1-888 number next, or should I be pressuring the local dealer to make Sirius disappear ? This sounds almost threatening. Had my Kona EV for 5 weeks now, and want to get rid of this nuisance ASAP.
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  7. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    Because Sirius is in a business arrangement with Hyundai (for the free trial) and you are in business with Hyundai (because you bought the car) then you are also in business with Sirius. When you unsubscribe you should no longer get "marketing" emails but will continue to get "business" emails. Negative option marketing is illegal in Ontario. If you do not explicitly subscribe to their service you will NOT be enrolled after the trial ends. *That's the way it's supposed to work anyway.
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  8. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    I will add that your"business" relationship with them ends with the trial. So should their targeted solicitation. I just noticed you seem to be in Alberta. I believe that they also have a no negative option law on the books. That note you got upon unsubscribing is generic legalese. No, you won't be billed. You are not a customer. If you were a customer of Sirius and unsubscribed because you were just sick of their emails you would get the same notice. "We won't mail you generic stuff anymore but we'll still communicate for legit business purposes."
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  9. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    If you haven’t given them your credit card number it will cancel automatically. Other than that not sure if you can get rid of it early. They will call you a few times and give you less expensive and less expensive deals until they finally believe that you are not interested.
  10. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Actually Sirius is pretty nice on the phone. As mentioned they will offer you deals all the time. The cheapest I got was $30 for 5 months.

    I found a little air vent issue today. When I drove it was pretty cold outside but the sun was shining, so it was warm in the car even though I had everything turned off. I then noticed a cool draft and find that cool air came out of the vents. I didn't like it so I played around.

    I found out that it looks like outside air gets pushed in just by itself. To get around that I turned the heat on, then selected windshield only, then turned it off again. No more cool air out of the vents, just a little up against the windshield. Seems like it remembers the last vent setting.

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  11. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Not sure, not maybe if you set the HVAC system to recirculate, the far right button on the bottom, it may stop that outside air coming through the vent.
    (please correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.)
  12. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    Have had the a/c come on when starting (noticed the indicator light when cool air came thru the vents) several times when the sun shines on the car after parked even though ambient o/s temp is well below set point in the hvac system
  13. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    I am not a fan of the scc/lka dominance of the steering when trying to avoid a pothole as I find it uses a little too much force to keep you centered in the lane (where the worst of the offenders are). This may also become an additional distraction when say an emergency vehicle approaching requires you pull suddenly to or over the edge lines. Haven't had to respond to a quick maneuver yet but lots of deer are going to soon be sharing the highways with vehicles. I know about the follow distance adjustments in scc, but I am not sure if there exists a setting for torque applied to the steering using lka.
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  14. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    I feel like it's pretty easy to override the lka. Although I only turn it on on longer highway drives. In town or on the way to work with only a few highway miles and traffic is less helpful, I'll admit that.

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  15. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    I think that's the automate defogging feature. It detects moisture near the windshield.
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  16. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it does feel like I'm in an extended arm wrestling match with the steering wheel. I like to take inside and outside lines into and out of turns and the LKA has its eye firmly on the middle. I have no trouble overpowering it when necessary though. Just think of it as your own toning session. Your arms will be toned and bathing suit season ready in no time!
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  17. zoominbc

    zoominbc Active Member

    I think it's a good idea to let LKA position the car where it wants to and with experience you can predict what it will do. Then if it screws up you can correct for it. In my limited experience it does go deeper into curves than I would drive but it does get the job done except when a lane marker disappears or the speed drops below the limit. In general I think it is a useful safety feature though a long way from self driving.
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  18. Gjpzee

    Gjpzee Member

    I have been driving the car (US SEL version) for almost a week now. Everything has been great so far. Except the last couple of days when I start the car, a low volume alarm sounds for a few seconds then goes off. Anyone experienced this? No warning lights came up but I'm really curious. It definitely was not there the first few days. I searched the manual but could not find anything about this.
  19. Canada Dan

    Canada Dan Member

    I tried this yesterday and the car automatically disengages the recirculation setting after a certain period of time.

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  20. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    So here’s a new one! It might be more than “minor” and may require its own post but we’ll start here.

    So I get into my car last night - turn it on as per usual. My gauge cluster is blank. The only metrics I see are the power, range and that my doors are open. But the “open door” image is frozen on the screen. I have no speed or anything. The main circular screen is completely blank. I turned the car off and back on with no change - screen still blank. I drove about 15km with no speed indication. Thankfully the HUD was fully functional. I tried changing the driving mode - nothing! I got to my destination, shut the car off and came back to it about 2 hours later and it was working as per normal. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Here’s a quick video taken while I was driving.


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