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    Rimac Automobili is a Croatian electric vehicle technology company. It revealed the world's first electric supercar, the Concept_One, in 2011.

    A lot has happened over the intervening years, of course, and we'll talk about some of those things below. But just to establish this thread, let me cap this post with a pic of the Concept_One.

    Rimac Concept_One black.jpg
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    We have a little more insight into the Rimac "C2," as it is codenamed.

    It is said to feature a 120 kWh battery, level 4 autonomy, and will have a production run of 150 examples of the coupe version. Yes, there will be other versions -- one for the track and a spyder.
    Some of this and more about the company in general can be found in this excellent video interview:


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