Relative to Hillary, Trump has been a setback for Petrol

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    Hillary was a total petrol shill which is the main reason she was not selected. Remember she worked for Cheney as a NG sales woman. Remember she was pushing the idiocy of NG as a bridge fuel. Remember she wouldn't support petrol divestment because she was totally and completely in the pocket of two mid East countries. Also remember the electoral college nixed her election because despite beating Trump by more than 3 million votes or 4th greatest margin in US history but at the last minute courtesy of Anonymous (because of her incredibly stupid stance on Assange) the EC learned that she was so in the pocket she was going to go into Iran as part of her petrol shilling- same agenda as Romney another useless incredibly dangerous put the world at risk for WWW III petrol bailout. She was set to be a huge criminal gift to petrol.

    Trump on the other hand immediately invited Elon to his economic counsel but still pulled out of Paris 1. and then did the stupid tax cuts 2. and is trying to open drilling 3. but most importantly has done tariffs as a petrol bail out 4. So while he has given petrol many useless and criminal gifts he has avoided the massive bailout out gift of war and instead opted for tariffs to protect bailout out petrol which put its useless criminal hollowing out subsides under a massive spotlight and call attention to the absolute fact that despite the stupid Paris claims made by the US that it would be a petrol pusher exporter (notice OPEC is dissolving- US contingent was OPEC) petrol is actually destroying the US economy and totally destroying its competitiveness on cost of goods in trade. Yes the solar tariffs are incredibly stupid but the piece of crap NG industry has the US banking industry held hostage once again over stupid useless petrol derivatives insuring its absolute non-competitiveness and raw solar would collapse those derivatives repeating 07 and triggering the Republican's stupid plan to allow bail-ins which would trigger civil unrest. It needs to happen that the NG industry is collapses along with all of petrol but it needs to be done in away that causes the petrol industry only to eat those costs and no austerity. I think like a programmed demolition the Banking industry should be enmass relieved of its obligation to honor petrol junk and and subsidies cut simultaneously- no more hostage taking that makes a lot more sense than thinking they can steal people's savings and pensions etc.

    I was ultimately glad she didn't win (claiming she didn't have to reveal what she talked to Goldman or the finance industry) refusing to raise taxes on the rich by more than 1 percent of the 200 trillion GNP that would ensue- horrid on free speech and on privacy she was right of Obama who was right of Regan on many things and she cheated against Bernie (her destroyed her in the primaries) and couldn't even get Bernie to agree to join her as VP and then couldn't put up a challenge in any way for the EC because she cheated in the primaries and was totally in the pocket of two mid east countries. When Assange tells the US what i needed to know about the criminal Bush Admin she wanted him extradited and given criminal punishment but when she sells out the US to two mid east countries that's a secret- FU!. After a while even her husband wouldn't support her crap and the Bush cronies were pushing for and not their parties own nominee which says a lot. And had become so robotic, she couldn't even bet Trump who was clearly coked up during every debate. Sorry no more fake liberal's not ever. No more DINOs

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