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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Albert543

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    I've been trying to get a dealer in NorCal to take $26k for base clarity. One is telling me they only have the $5000 incentive minus the msrp. Basically their best price now is $29k for base. They told me they had flex cash about 3 months ago but that is long gone. Is the great deals for the base clarity under $27k really gone or should I try so cal dealers? I would rather not drive down to socal for the car. Has anyone had success in buying a Clarity base below $27k in NorCal in the last 2 weeks? Anyone in the same boat as me. I'm in Sacramento.
  2. Raiche

    Raiche New Member

    Considering an offer from dealer in SoCal for 2019 base model for $32K OTD with Honda extended warranty. Not sure if I should get extended warranty and remove it so I can get OTD lower to $30K?
  3. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    You can go to to get a price quote. Extended warranty can be purchased anytime during the first 6,000 miles so no need to purchase with the car unless they meet or beat an online quote.

    After 6,000 miles you can still purchase extended warranty but will need to wait until just before the 36 month regular warranty expires otherwise you will be paying for duplicate coverage.
  4. Albert543

    Albert543 New Member

    Which So Cal dealer? Is there any dealer installed options in your price?
  5. MartinF

    MartinF New Member

    That's a good option for owners that are not in California, as Hyannis doesn't sell care plans to Californian, which the OP Raiche is.
  6. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Looks like not in Florida either. Another one people use is Saccucci Honda at they sell extended warranties in all states.
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  7. css28

    css28 Active Member

    Can you wait and purchase the extended warranty a few months later?
  8. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    You can purchase it anytime. Prior to 6,000 miles it is an eight year warranty that starts the date of purchase of the car. However since regular Honda warranty is 36 months/36,000 miles the extended warranty doesn't have any real effect except for years four through eight. Although it does offer roadside assistance but I don't know if anything else that isn't already covered by Honda during the first three years.

    If the car has already exceeded 6000 miles they sell a five year warranty that starts with date of purchase of the warranty, so in that case you would wait until the 36 month/36,000 mile warranty is about to expire so that you would again be insuring years four through eight. Prices are roughly the same either buying the coverage prior to 6,000 miles or waiting until 36 month/36,000 miles.
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  9. Phil_Meyers

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    Hi folks, first post, wife and I just bought a 2019 Clarity Touring, got it for $31.2K (excludes tax and registration) my net cost should be about $21.2K after the all the rebates and tax incentives. I did get the 0 deductible extended warranty 120k 7 years for $1500 (thanks for the Saccucci reference, I used that and the dealer matched it). We drive a lot, 30K a year.
    Very nice care. I love Teslas, but I love that I can drive electric and when the battery gets low I don't have to go around looking for a charger. No range anxiety. No battery nerfing either.
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  10. kkarson

    kkarson New Member

    I got my 2019 Clarity Base for $28.5k (before TTL) and got the 8yr/100k warranty for $1664 at Serramonte Honda in Colma, CA.
    The sales manager there is super awesome, and our family has bought 3 Hondas from there now. Sold my 2014 Accord LX (that I got for $19k new) for $12.5k and was able to upgrade to the Clarity. BTW, Serramonte Honda has over 15 Clarity's in stock right now if anyone is looking to find one! Before this, I was waiting 2-3 months for a new Clarity; but looks like they suddenly got a bunch in stock.
  11. Maru

    Maru New Member

    Got Touring at 30K + TTL from SoCal. I had to go down from Bay area! Nice car, got around 35MPG on my drive back home on HV mode.
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  12. MartinF

    MartinF New Member

    35MPG because the battery was low or you were driving at high speed (75+)?
  13. Maru

    Maru New Member

    Battery was at around 60% on car delivery. My avg speed was at 65 - 70. Car rarely switched to EV mode, battery range remained almost same when I reached home (about 400 miles drive). MPG report started at 19 when I was climbing to Pyramid lake area and kept increasing then after.
  14. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your new car! Actually Clarity has been readily available in the bay area including base models. Although I notice that Serramonte Honda seems to only carry Touring, or at least at the moment they have sixteen touring and no base models. Based on the VIN numbers it looks like most of the tourings have been on the lot for at least a couple of months or more. So apparently they got a base model in and you bought it for a good price and a nice trade in price which is great.
  15. Raiche

    Raiche New Member

    Ended up getting the 2019 Clarity Base for $29.8K OTD with no extended warranty. Without TTL, the Clarity was ~$26.5 and bought in SoCal
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  16. Raj K

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    Just wondering what are the other charges. My purchase was 27.4 w/o TTL. OTD came to 30k. I would have expected yours OTD to be <$900 (30k-900= 29.1)compared to mine.

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  17. I used Costco pricing. $30,900 price for touring. I got $700 for my older Civic on Trade-In. $30,200 plus TTL which was around 3000 so I paid about $33,200 out the door. My bank offered 3.33% for financing. I wasn't in much of a position to haggle. This car was in demand in San Diego. The previous Saturday, my wife and I went to this dealer to see what they had. They had 2 Clarities. A white one and a Steel one and I liked both but preferred the white one due to the interior color. The very next day, Sunday, the white one sold. So I was in contact with the dealership's internet sales manager via email. I did some web searching and I didn't find too many Touring models in town. I did see some in L.A. I drove over the following Wednesday and I was surprised that it was still there. Sticker price was $37,500 so I got over 7G off. They mentioned that the Costco price was a no haggle price, and I don't know if that's true. Can anyone verify that? I didn't try to get em down below what they offered as I felt the price was ok. I don't think they would have lowered it much if any because it was the last one, and people from all around the country are willing to have these cars shipped from California to wherever they are.
  18. SSSS

    SSSS New Member

    Was it 2019 model? I would think yes, but wanted to be sure.
  19. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Costco negotiates with the dealer a fixed mark up over invoice. The dealer is supposed to show you the invoice when requested and the calculation for the Costco price. I don't think they give you a copy but of course you can write the numbers down and in theory call Costco to verify, but in the end it comes down to whether you think it is a good price. The Costco website also mentions the $5,000 dealer incentive available in California, however that is where people see a big difference is some dealers pass all or part of the $5,000 to the customer, which in addition to the Costco discount (or regular dealer discount when not using Costco) determines whether it is a great deal or just an okay deal.

    At one time people were reporting that when going through Costco you were more likely to get the $5,000 additional discount, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore it all just depends on what an individual dealer is willing to do.
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