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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. vin seeram

    vin seeram Member

    I could manage $34,500 OTD for 2018 base for the color we wanted. Which is not exceptional but pretty decent.
  2. Fast Eddie B

    Fast Eddie B Active Member

    “Doc fees” are a racket. Best to add that $699 to the $32.7k number and come up with the $33.4k you actually paid before tax, tag and title.

    Still a very good price for a Touring - congratulations! We live in Georgia, but the one dealer we shopped in Cumming, GA, was not willing to deal much on price. We ended up shopping 3 TN dealers and $31.5k for a base model was the best we could come up with last November, at Economy Honda in Chattanooga. $33.5k all in with tax, tags and title.

    Note: I know I’ve already mentioned our deal upthread, but there may be newbies that just jumped into the thread.
  3. ClarityKu

    ClarityKu New Member

    I finally joined the Clarity cult! I preferred leasing than buying it since it is 0 down, and don't have to deal with the fed. rebate submittal.

    MSRP. 34,320.00
    Discount 10,191.21
    Sale price 24,124.79
    Residual 13, 738
    Sign-off included 1st month: 908.43
    Monthly is $350-all inclusive. Term 12K/yearly 36 months.
    I don't like dealing with maintenance and tire issues so I opted in additional road hazard (tire and wheels) $20/mo, and maintenance $28.89/mo. My monthly now is $405.81

    Waiting for the registration so I can claim rebates from state ($1500), PG&E ($500 to $800), and local city ($300 - $500). I live in El Cerrito, Northern California. Not sure if it is a good deal but not bad for my first time leasing a car.
    My salesperson is very very helpful, and don't mind to replicate this deal.
  4. Mariner91

    Mariner91 Member

    Can you provide more info/link to this El Cerrito city $300-$500? I live 2 towns north of you, and didn't see any thing city wise
  5. ClarityKu

    ClarityKu New Member

    There is no link. You need to visit their office and ask since the "fund" is very limited. I met with their outreach rep. during Drive Electric day at the Farmers Market. The city don't give cash/tax incentives but waived parking fees, charging infrastructure permit waivers etc.
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    HJAIII New Member

    We pulled the trigger on a base model yesterday, with no dealer add-ons. Purchased it in San Marcos, Texas, for $34,000 OTD, then hustled up to Austin to file the paperwork with TCEQ for the state rebate of $2,500. There were only 47 rebate slots available as of the day before, so wanted to turn in our application before the day's mail arrived. Price before TTL, etc. was approximately $31,600. Wife is happy with her new car!
  7. EvenSteven21

    EvenSteven21 New Member

    2018 Clarity PHEV Touring model. Lease.
    $899 down $346/month+tax= $379/month for 36 months
    12k mi per year.
    MSRP $37,490.00
    Discount $11,556.63
    Sale Price $25,933.37
    Residual Value $14623.05
    Rent Charge $312.89

    I still qualify for $1,500 California rebate and $1,000 SCE rebate.
  8. LaFord

    LaFord New Member

    Picking up ours tomorrow. So Cal. 2019 Touring $29,800. Cash out the door: $32,407. Plus $1500 California, $1000 SoCal Edison rebates. Total purchase price: $29,907. Then the Federal Tax Credit: $22,407 bottom line.

    Honda is offering $6000 discount on 2019, expires 4/1/2019. The dealers we visited did not offer that up front. Had to "remind" them. Costco/TrueCar/whatever provides additional discount. I'd suggest run, do not walk if you're on the fence about purchasing. You could turn around and sell it next year, possibly the year after at a price more than you paid.

    -- Chevy Volt leaser about to turn it in.
  9. 2018phev

    2018phev New Member

    Id buy right now for more then you paid... fly over country wont have 2019s for a while. Best I could do after 2 months of back and forth with multi dealers was 31500 for 2018 base. Not bad for the area but jealous of the coasts.
  10. EvenSteven21

    EvenSteven21 New Member

    Plane tickets are cheap. Fly out buy one and drive it back.
  11. LaFord

    LaFord New Member

    Seriously. Use the Honda America site and locate the model and color you want and go get it. 6 grand off PLUS state rebates PLUS fed tax credit is an incredible deal. A no brainer, considering you can sell it, even next year, for around what you paid.

    The 6 grand Honda incentive is for certain available in CA and OR. I've read that some other states have lesser discounts but I can only speak for certain about what I wrote. And that the deal expires Sunday. No idea what Honda will do after that but surely this make the Clarity the absolutely best PHEV deal ever.

    And to think I looked at the Tesla Model 3. You can almost buy two Claritys for the price of one Tesla.
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  12. evsbatman

    evsbatman New Member

    Kinda regret signing a lease on the clarity electric. Would of been better off purchasing a phev and selling it In three years. Oh well. Hopefully they have something good in three years.
  13. EZclean

    EZclean New Member

    I picked up one 2018 base model last Friday in the Chicago area. Negotiated for:
    +tax $2153
    +title, license, doc fees $397
    OTD around $33,100

    No other dealers could match this price in this area.
  14. Harmandeep Sanghera

    Harmandeep Sanghera New Member

    La Ford, do you mind sharing dealer and sales person information.
  15. EvenSteven21

    EvenSteven21 New Member

    You can still sell a leased vehicle.
  16. LaFord

    LaFord New Member

    AutoNation Valencia, CA. DCH Oxnard, CA also provided the nearly identical deal. Similar at Beaverton, OR. Again, the $6k is a HONDA incentive, you must ask. The additional $1600-1900 (I guess depends upon model) is the Costco discount. If you are not a Costco member, check with TrueCar. I believe they have a similar "arrangement". But remember, you must purchase and take possession by Sunday.
  17. evsbatman

    evsbatman New Member

    Can’t. It is the clarity electric.
  18. evsbatman

    evsbatman New Member

    6k only applies to residents. They will only apply the rebate if you title the car in CA or OR.
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  19. EvenSteven21

    EvenSteven21 New Member

    Oh I missed that in the original post.
  20. Emagin

    Emagin New Member

    I have this deal on the table now on a Clarity base in No CA (Costco Auto):

    MSRP $ 34,320
    Sale Price $ 26,849 (INcludes 6K Discount)
    + Doc 85
    + CA Tire 7
    + DMV 364
    + Tax 1953
    OTD $29,288

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