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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Yes, Hamilton. But it was an inside ant infestation, not gnats or similar outside.
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    Happy to share that it was Keenan Honda in Doylestown. I highly recommend them. Cindy Carr (215-340-9000 x1141) is an excellent sales person and so helpful, even lowered the costco price a bit when I showed her and Iggy (their wonderful manager) the agreement I had with the NJ dealer I would have bought from, but for the ant infestation issue. (Again, that dealer [Hamilton] seemed reputable and honest, but wasn't able to get me a replacement car quickly). The Keenan finance person (Kyle) worked with me to get the D80 hondacare extended warranty within $100 of what I'd have paid through Hyannis...and made that trouble-free one-stop shopping as well. He mentioned that if I bought from Hyannis, yes, it's accepted at all Honda dealers, but if I have an issue and want to argue that xyz needs to be covered, I'd have to go back to Hyannis to work out. So the extra $100 (and yeah, I guess I paid PA tax on the warranty) was worth the peace of mind. Keenan was so low-pressure and helpful, I can't sing their praises enough.

    I really wanted to buy from Clinton (also seemed honest and low-pressure) and great sales person since we drove the car there twice (I highly recommend Rhyshene Mathews--he's not the one making the discount decisions). But even through costco, they weren't willing to discount at the level other reputable dealers including Keenan and Hamilton were offering, nor throw in free oil changes that Hamilton and Keenan both offer--I get free PA car inspections for life from Keenan too, including for my other car.

    See my earlier posts on Planet Honda and Open Road (both NJ) that gave me misleading info despite my calling/emailing and verifying the unbelievable low quotes they gave me by email and phone. Even had something in writing from Open Road that they renegged on the next day. And they were very high pressure, kept asking for my credit card when I was very clear I wasn't buying on the spot. Asked again for credit card as soon as I phoned the next day to accept their offer (that they then renegged on, passing blame around to their internet rep and the first-tier sales person). When I questioned Planet Honda's tactics, reminding them I'd verified the price by phone and email three separate times, not only wouldn't they honor the price, I got a nasty email from the owner. So stay away!
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    FYI - that's not true. Regardless of where you purchase the warranty, if something is to be covered or not it's based on Honda's decision. What happens is that the dealer would rather you pay out of pocket for a warranty claim because they get reimbursed much less from Honda. Just sales tactics from the finance managers as it would have been the same regardless of where you purchase it.

    A few years ago with my 09 Accord, a caliper was stuck soon after a break job. One pad was cut to nothing while the other side still had 75% life. Initial quote included new pads, cut rotors and caliper. Told them I had Honda Care, so the calipers would be covered and I had to pay for pads/rotors.

    I had them call Honda. Told the manager to tell them that the stuck caliper caused the premature wear of the pads/rotors. He looked at me weird, but called anyway. Was surprised they would cover it.

    I would have paid about $200 for the brake job, but Honda probably reimbursed them less than $100.
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    Absolutely. I dealt with Planet Honda some time ago and they were awful. They kept on giving me very low prices but would never put it in writing for a particular VIN. With Open Road, they gave me the same Costo price after dealer options but it was insane the useless crap they added. Salesperson chewing gum like no tomorrow.

    Glad you finally got the car.
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    Right, Open Road added $2k worth of crap. They agreed one day (in writing) to credit that $2k, and then renegged the next day.
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    Makes sense. I opted to buy the warranty at Keenan so I wouldn't need to deal with yet another step in finally getting the car. If more than the $100 I would've stuck with Hyannis for the extended warranty.
  7. keith j klayman

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    Can you give some additional information on who you talked to in Roseville. I have spoken with them and the initial responses are not near the price you quoted.
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    New owners of a 2018 Clarity Touring model. Bought using the Costco auto purchase service which contracts with Honda of Serramonte, in Colma, CA (just south of San Francisco). Cost of car was $33,581 before taxes, license, fees, etc., with just $55 in dealer added "stuff" (wheel locks). (They wanted to charge $110 for the locks, but Costco gives one a 50% discount coupon for the purchase of accessories/parts, so they applied that discount). No haggling involved. They called us and quoted a price over the phone, and we jumped on it. After the $7,500 Federal tax credit, the net cost is less than we would have paid for a Touring-level Insight hybrid in our area, which are not being discounted nearly as much.

    This is the first time we've used the Costco program, and we're happy.

    We did have to finance through Honda for 60 months at 0.9% to get this price. There's no prepayment penalty on this loan, but there is a $75 "processing charge" for pre-paying a loan of more than $2,000, which is pretty trivial. If one has the resources to pay cash, it actually makes sense to use the money to buy bank CDs (paying from 2.65 to 3.1% APR in Sept. 2018 for 12 to 60 month maturities -- check, either as a single 60-month CD or a "ladder" of CDs maturing annually over the next 5 years. The CD interest in excess of the loan interest is more than enough to pay for your gasoline for the next 5 years!
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    We also bought from Nima at Penske Honda two weeks ago. We got a Touring for a little under $37K OTD (including tax, DMV, doc prep, etc.). We got in, test drove the car, then got out with no tricks, runarounds, or games; it was a great buying experience. The whole process took a little under 2 hrs, which is good considering it was Labor day weekend and Finance was busy.

    Got quotes via Truecar and Edmunds for most of the dealers in SoCal. Some dealers were lower, but looking at the reviews of these dealers, it sounded like they lowball the quote to get you in then add on all these extra fees. Penske was towards the lower end, but we asked them to match/beat lower quotes.

    I also agree with what someone said above - the pricing/inventory is dynamic. We had been looking since late July when North Hollywood (Ocean) Honda was the lowest at a little over $33K w/o tax, DMV, doc prep. Lancaster was also in the same range in July too, but was in the middle of the pack when we bought in Sept.
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    New clarity owner here. Just wanted to post my purchase details/experience so that others could be benefited. All the discussion in this thread was very useful and saved me some $.
    I went through costco auto program. It was surprisingly simple, effortless and smooth. They sent me Berkeley honda details. Someone from dealership called me and promised me to send the costco pricing but looks like they forgot. Next day (Friday) I reached out to Bret (his name was in email) and had a chat over the phone. He immediately sent me the pricing. Contacted other dealers in Bay area with costco pricing and no one was willing to beat/match it. They were at least off by $1000. Called Bret back on Saturday morning to inquire about silver base model. He said he got one that day morning. Reached the dealership at 12.30 pm and was out by 5 pm with the car. $0 out of pocket!

    No haggling over anything in the dealership. They had installed wheel locks ($125), with 15% discount, I did not care much. That too was added to financed amount.

    Here is the price I paid. 34700 OTD + 800 interest for 5 years. My purchase price, including destination charges was $31210. Price I paid is $3000 off of MSRP. Financed from Honda with .9%for 5 year term. Considering all the rebates, price paid excluding taxes is $21700.

    Hope I did not do bad :)

    I think CA has a high demand for these cars now and it is hard to find the required color/model at the dealership you want. I have heard that Anderson honda generally doesn't lose out because of price. In my case, even they refused to match/beat this. Bret was a nice guy.

    So far, I love this car. Everyone in my family loves it too.
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    I hope your forgot the decimal point and it is actually 0.9 percent at 5 years

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    Yes. 0.9%.
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    Purchased my Clarity Touring from Keenan Honda in Doylestown as well! They had to get it transferred from a dealer in NJ though because I wanted the Solar Silver exterior. Best dealer experience I have ever had. No pressure at all, they worked wonders on my trade-in and got me a good price on the Clarity.

    Negotiated Price: $35,490.00
    OTD Price: $37,787.00

    I added the cargo tray, all weather floor mats, and mud flaps. I also go the Keenan 5 year service plan for $1,000 to cover all sorts of things.

    Put 20% down on the car, plus walked away with my trade-in fully covered. Qualified for the 1.9% 60-month financing. Glad to see others on here had just as good of an experience with Keenan. My sales rep was Kristina. I will need to check which NJ dealer they got it from, I forgot now, but when I picked it up last week the battery wasn't charged and it appeared they drove it from the dealership because it had 70 miles on it.
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  14. Jonathan Bernstein

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    Hi Chanks- that's a great deal. We are looking in the dfw area too, do you mind if I ask what dealer gave you the deal?
  15. Jonathan Bernstein

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    Hi- do you mind telling me what dealer you went with in Houston? We are in DFW, and might drive down if we could get a similar deal.
  16. Grace Bernstein

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    Hello! Who is your sales guy?
  17. Chanks

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    I got mine from Lute Riley in Richardson. I was able to get Honda of Denton to go almost that low but the sales guy was a bit of a jerk and I didn't want to drive to Denton.
  18. Grace Bernstein

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    What have you found so far?
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    I expect to pick up my Touring model from Honda Cars of McKinney tomorrow. I want the Modern Steel color and they had to do a vehicle trade with a dealer in Tyler. I also got a discount for family and friends. Honda in Irving and Huggins Honda in Ft. Worth have been calling or emailing me to ask if I'm still interested. When I looked at cars at Huggins, they only had 2 or 3 on the lot.
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    What is your OTD price?

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