Price-Cut Tesla Model 3: Cheaper Than $35k-Version

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Jimmy Truong, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Jimmy Truong

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    With this price cut,current mid-range Model 3 is actually a better deal than the bare bone $35K version.
    Let’s take a look: $42.9K - $5K Premium Package = $37.9K. So, you’ll pay $2.9K to go from the short to mid range or additional 45 miles while early adopters paid $9K to get 2x or 90 miles more. The only difference is that early buyers might’ve been qualified for $7500 credit instead only 1/2 of it now. However, not everyone would get full $7.5k if you didn’t pay that much federal taxes.
    I don’t complain because I got full credit and $6000 rebates in California.

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  2. DaleL

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    The "$35,000" Tesla Model 3 does NOT exist. A lot of people, including a brother in law of mine, signed up for the "$35,000" version. He dreamed of getting a Model 3 for an after tax credit price of just $26,000, (35,000 + 1,000 delivery - 7,500 federal - 2,500 Texas tax credits). A base Model 3 for 26 grand would have been fantastic. Instead, the 2018 Model 3s cost $50,000 with delivery. A final price of $40,000 plus sales tax after all the tax credits was too much for him. He cancelled his Model 3 reservation and bought a Bolt instead.

    By July, the Tesla federal tax credit will fall to $1875. I was not aware that California had a total of $6,000 in rebates. I did a check online and came up with $4,300 for San Francisco with PG&E. By my arithmetic, a $37,900 Model 3 will cost $32,725 plus sales tax in San Francisco. (37,900 + 1,000 delivery - 1,875 federal - 4,300 state, local, & utility credits) Had the 35K version been sold in 2018 it would have cost just $24,200 in San Francisco. (35,000 + 1,000 delivery - 7,500 federal - 4,300 state, local, & utility credits) A hypothetical 2018 35K Model 3 would have been $8,525 less expensive than a 3rd quarter 2019 37.9K Model 3.
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    In engineering, the rule of thumb is pick two:
    • GOOD
    • FAST
    • CHEAP
    In this case, FAST and CHEAP have been mutually exclusive.

    Bob Wilson
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