My new Kona Electric and my first impressions

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Shawn Schinkel

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    I took the Kona out in the heavy snow last night, both because I had to pick up something I forgot to get during the day, and because I wanted to try it out in the weather. I'm very impressed. My biggest concern with winter driving was that this car has even more power than my Chevy Volt, and my Volt was terrible in the snow. The Volt would always break loose with anything more than gentle pedal application. The Kona on the other hand was very stable in the snow and seemed to have excellent traction control. Of course, if I got heavy on the pedal on purpose it would definitely spin out but even then it still didn't feel out if control.

    Over all, I was pushing it on purpose to see what it would do and how it felt, and it felt very confident in crappy weather.
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  2. CJC

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    I can't remember if you have winter tires or stock tires on yours? Great news with the Kona ability to handle heavy snow.
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  3. Thought I may add on the tire sensors....I own a PHEV not a EV but expect as per the sensors they work the same.
    To my surprise I had new wheels and tires put on by Discount tires, I paid way to much :(
    but the sensor feature which shows the actual pressure of each tire seems to be working fine. Took a little bit to stick, in the beginning it was showing need to operate car to get function retort, but now it works ;)
    I did have to pay extra for the new sensors to go with the wheels. Changing the tires each season is really not the way to go.
    I did not go with a solid steel wheel but a other type which also has a open spoke design. I do wonder a bit if the solid steel design would perhaps hinder a bit sensor function. I just did not like the look of the steel.
    Snowing again now, another storm on the way, (what a winter) may have a chance to give the PHEV a go in the snow ;) Need groceries and it is a good 20 miles away.
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  4. Shawn Schinkel

    Shawn Schinkel Active Member

    Cooper Discoverer True North tires. My brother-in-law owns a tire shop. He looked into a few different tires and his opinion was that these tires should be pretty decent as far as efficiency goes without compromising tire effectiveness in snow and ice.
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  5. EnerG

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    This is exactly the same thing that I experienced on a return trip from South Surrey to Coquitlam on the first day of our snow season. The snow arrived a couple hours early. The radar sensors get a thin layer of ice on them and freak out. After this happened I washed the car down and tucked her into a warm dry garage. Won't have her out until I've scrapped my other vehicle.
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  6. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member

    Nope not at all!
    It does an excellent job of making sure they don’t move around though. They are very snug and there’s absolutely zero movement.
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  7. zoominbc

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    Just had the same problem. I think it's the BC slushy snow. I stopped and cleaned the radar cover off and it stated working but after only a couple of minutes of driving it got covered again. Even though the radar is well protected from above, this wet ugly snow seems to be attracted to it.
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  8. SkookumPete

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    Three weeks in

    I guess this is no longer first impressions, but I'll offer some thoughts after having done my first trip outside the comfort zone.

    Yesterday Kona and I drove 452 km in total and burned 77 kWh. Refueled over lunch and got enough juice to maybe get home, but prudently drove to a Level 3 station and added another 20 percent. Got home with just that reserve left.

    I calculate that the "range" for the day was 376 km, somewhat below the rated 415, doubtless because the temperature was around freezing and there was a fair bit of 110 km/h driving mixed with some climbing. I also pulled over for a cozy nap at one point, putting Kona in utility mode so I could keep the heat pump running.

    The journey was a sort of proof of concept: is it really practical to take Kona on such long day trips? The answer is yes, but not without access to Level 3 charging.

    I twiddled with settings to my heart's content, and a set of preferences began to form. For instance, I find HUD most useful at night. Auto regen works best for me; driving around town, it feels like the car is doing half your work for you.

    I'm loving the car and finding the safety, control, and information systems very well thought out. My only complaints are about the console. Push-button transmission has never given a satisfactory experience (think Edsel), and the design around this keypad leaves a large but oddly shaped and almost inaccessible storage area underneath. The Niro, with its handsome gearshift knob and perfect spot for a tissue box beyond it, has done much better here.
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  9. CJC

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  10. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    Skookum Pete, I enjoyed reading your post. It is of help to learn from others experiences.
  11. I've been meaning to ask: for those of you with cars - in the absence of test drives, did you (like me) try out a gas Kona? And, if so , have you noticed any differences in "fit" or roominess, headroom etc. between gas vs. EV? Now that there are cars on lots I'm wondering whether I should take the time to test one out.
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  12. CJC

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    I think the petrol Kona felt smaller in the cockpit/front driver's seat and passenger seat due to console and gear shift design. The actual test drive was pointless and they are so different in handling etc. I think headroom seemed similar. Is your car coming today?
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  13. Thanks. No, it didn't come and I am in the midst of a huge dust-up with the dealer and Hyundai Canada. The owner of the dealership called and apologized. I told him thanks but that apologies are about 6 months late and of no value to me at all. I'm awaiting multiple phone calls from Hyundai Canada to "make it right." Several hours have passed and I've heard nothing. They now have 2 hours to deadline. As a back-up I have located a white one with light interior in my vicinity and have been checking the inventory of Bolts in the area as it remains an option. There's an LT for $5000 off right now that would put me in an electric car and save me around $9K. No, it's not as good but it might be fine if I choose to deny Hyundai Canada my business as opposed to just denying my dealer the sale. I find this all tiring and stressful and not at all worth it. Hyundai appears to be a garbage company populated by garbage employees. Not sure I want to reward them with many thousands of dollars of my business.
  14. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry. It has all been so unbelievably poorly done by Hyundai. I know they took the joy out of the whole thing for us and we are just starting to feel settled down. The white with light interior is nice in person as we saw one. I almost wished we had gone white when I saw it. I'm behind you in whatever you decide. Keep us posted, and once again sorry that it is such an unhappy ordeal.
  15. Thanks again. I've always thought the white emphasized the grey cladding and flowing body lines the best of all the colours.
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  16. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    Go get that white one then! The car is great.
  17. Shawn Schinkel

    Shawn Schinkel Active Member

    Thankfully I had a good experience with my dealer, it was just the further ups that were a bunch of idiots.

    Just my opinion Wildeyed so take it for what it's worth. I don't have any driving experience with the Chevy Bolt but this Kona is far above my previous Chevy Volt in build quality and performance. I did alot of research on the Bolt and had a pre-order in for one before the Hyundai Preorders opened and was prepped to buy one. Chevy even called me in August saying my Bolt was being built and I ended up cancelling because the Kona appealed to me, and alot of people had gripes about the Bolt being built cheaply to make it fit in the price range.

    I know you're ticked off with Hyundai corporate and your dealership, but don't let that be the reason you miss out on this awesome car. Trust me, I think you'll regret it!

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  18. Thanks. I'm pondering all my options. I'm loath to punish myself but I'm also having a tough time thinking about rewarding Hyundai. They deserve to hurt and they need to learn a lesson and acknowledge their overall shoddiness. I just can't figure out any way to make sure they learn it as they simply ignore and stonewall any attempt to communicate with them. They now have 40 minutes left.
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  19. CJC

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    Unfortunately they won't suffer from losing your sale. However, you might have more impact as a Kona Electric owner with being vocal about the experience in public forums. Just my 2 cents.
  20. Has my story changed anything yet? Fart in a windstorm as my Mom would say.
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