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  1. I just received the following Blue Link alert (text and email) that I'm due for maintenance:

    Your current mileage (3251 miles) indicates maintenance is due for your 2019 KONA ELECTRIC (vin #).
    Schedule Car Care today quickly and easily from the mobile app, or by pressing the Blue Link button in your vehicle and saying ‘Service Link'.


    In the car, in User Settings --> Service Interval, I have it set to 5000 miles. Is Blue Link just giving me an early heads up or is there another setting in my Blue Link account that I need to set for the proper service interval?
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  2. Paul DeLeon

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    Probably due for an oil changeo_O
  3. The first time I received that notification, I tried to change the interval (Bluelink/ maintenance) to 20,000 km in the car it wouldn't let me save it until logged onto the Bluelink app on my PC and reset the maintenance reminders to Zero. It now reads next service: 19,240 kms with a date of 09/07/20 and hasn't nagged me since. Of course the date and mileage is wrong but I know that I have to bring it in yearly so that is easy to remember.
    Just be aware this is the same app that shows your car doors to be unlocked when they indeed are locked, and indicates total power consumption in 1000's of percent (if you wait long enough):confused:
  4. Mattsburgh

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    I'm annoyed that I reset the alert in the car but the online portal still warns me about it. It's been over a week and still hasn't cleared.
  5. According to the Hyundai website it defaults everyone in Canada to severe usage schedule or every 12,000 km. I guess I qualify for that with the severe winters and such but I would imagine you folks in BC should be fine with the yearly. The frustrating thing is even my dealer is not clear what the schedule should be.
    I do my own tire rotations/swaps and have enough cabin filters for the next few years. I really hate the idea of just bringing into the dealer to do visual checks I am more than capable of doing especially when the wheels are off on my lift. Even though the manual clearly states I can do my own maintenance its tempered by Hyundai's reputation for not honoring engine warranties that are clearly otherwise defective because owner could not sufficiently document even one missing /delayed oil change. I could imagine a denied battery claim because they felt the coolant level was not properly monitored by me. It would be a bit obnoxious but then again its not like Hyundai hasn't done similar denials with its problem theta II engines.

    I did notice on 2020 models the coolant change interval is now every 60,000 km, unlike the 2019 models call for first coolant change at 180,000 km, whats up with that?
  6. hobbit

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    Is there a dashboard warning of some sort? I'm scanning my [US]
    manual for "maintenance" or "reset", and not seeing anything relevant.


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