Lots of brand new info from Pre Delivery Inspection doc; esp. on battery replacement

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by KentuckyKen, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. rickyrsx

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    Mine were installed before delivery! Shout out to Parkway Honda. IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0738.JPG

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  2. Ordell98

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    I went out to my dealer to have my plugs installed today. "They're backordered so we just took them off another car on the lot and gave them to you" said the service manager!
    Worth asking your dealers if they can just do this, if they are delaying your plug installation due to backorder.
  3. Ben Washburn

    Ben Washburn Member

    FWIW mine were installed; Ourisman Honda was the original dealer but I bought it from Pohanka Honda. I actually had that service checklist in the glove box with each step initialed.
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  4. Mine were not installed, so I did that this afternoon. My silly question is how do those four little rubber plugs reduce the road noise? There were lots of other small holes in the underside.
  5. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Spot on. I drove for months before I knew about them and had dealer install them. I found they only seem to make a small difference.
  6. KyleH

    KyleH New Member

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Plugs installed here. Those are just tie down spots for the auto transports. Very common on most cars. In fact that's the location I used when I would haul my track car on a trailer.

    As I've recently hit my first service interval, and after finding it's $90 for an oil change and tire rotation, I'll be handling this myself. I find it very strange (disconcerting) the rear jack point is directly underneath the tow / tether hook. o_O
  7. DC1

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    I just got the body plugs put in, and I could tell that it was a pretty noticeable change at highway speeds. The car was already quiet, but this made it even quieter. Recommend calling in to make sure they have them on hand, and doing this at your next service appt. Probably not worth making a trip just for this. (Even if they are less than enthusiastic about doing the work, just mention that they were obligated to do this as part of the PDI checklist, and they shouldn't give you any trouble.)
  8. eguy13

    eguy13 New Member

    It seems like Honda is really dropping the ball on this simple pre-delivery inspection. Or is it solely the dealers' faults for doing such a shoddy job? I picked up my Clarity yesterday. They did leave the checklist in the glove compartment. There are check marks on those tiny boxes for items from section 1 through 9 that were signed by the technician. Don't see the body plugs installation as one of these items. The last page, section 10, was checked off, but the page was not signed by the dealer. The biggest issue was that the day before delivery, they told me the car wasn't available because they have to finalize all the inspections and they were going to fully charge it and to come the following day for delivery. But it was not charged. There was barely 2 bars on the battery. They also used my charging cable to charge. I know this because the sales guy pointed to my charging cable hanging outside the dealer's exterior wall and told me the car was plugged in and was charging, someone must have unplugged it. And that he moved it from the charging spot because cars sometimes get damaged and dinged up over there. I am like "What?" and he didn't bother to check whether the battery was fully charged before moving it or early that morning when he texted me? I picked up the car in the late afternoon. It was also missing the charging cable bag. It just didn't give me a lot of confidence that the dealer knows much about this car or perhaps they don't care.
  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    The “real” Clarity PDI is Service Bulletin 17-093 and is 13 pages long. From what you describe, they used a Clarity pre-Inspection doc that is similar to the ones used on all Hondas.
    It is not very specific to a PHEV Clarity and omits many items such as the 17kW Battery Capacity Signal, and the body plugs, just to name a few.
    I bought mine in Feb and they used the more generic one and when I went back with the 17-093 one, they said that it came out in March so they didn’t have it for my car.
    I had them check the Battery Capacity Signal to make sure the battery was not damaged by not being charged for a long time and had the body plugs installed. The Battery Capacity Signal is a nominal 55 Amp hours. Mine read 54.7 at 3 months after purchase so I think I’m OK.
    Attached is the 13 page SB 17-093 PDI so you can see what they should have done.

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  10. DC1

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    It should be Item #8 on your checklist.

    I gave my dealer a few veiled threats about not having responded to the Honda survey yet (they live for 10s in all surveys apparently) and they changed their tone quite nicely after that.

    By the way, the charging cable bag is YOURS. They need to provide it.

    Also, I would say it's completely on the Dealer and not so much Honda the company. The dealer charges 1.4 hours of work to the Honda company for this work. They should do it right.
  11. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    Yeah it shows how poorly dealerships are run. I went way out of town to get mine from a larger dealer (and for thousands less).

    But here is the PDI for clarity clearly showing they should not have used yours:

  12. Robert_Alabama

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    Thanks for sharing this information. My father-in-law bought a Clarity last month and he found the rubber plugs in the front license plate bracket bag. Luckily I could tell him what they were and where to install them based on the good info here. I did check mine and they were installed. Different dealers for the two cars. Looks like the probability of not having the plugs installed by the dealers is still pretty high, even after nearly a year of Honda selling the cars.
  13. bamba415

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    Hey KentuckyKen,

    My PDI checklist must be the generic one because it is completely different. It doesn't look like the one you added. Instead of the charge capacity it asks the mechanic to note some 10-digit code. Do you (or anyone else) have any insight into what that value is referring to? IMG_20181027_174544.jpeg

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  14. chris5168

    chris5168 Member

    The plugs are not unique to just the Clarity, Civics and probably others have them as well. They are PDI installed as holes are left open to secure the vehicle during transport.
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  15. bamba415

    bamba415 New Member

    Now that you say that, the pdi checklist I have does mention in the header that it's the Clarity checklist and not one that applies to all Hondas. However, its still different than the one KentuckyKen posted..and it doesn't have a spot for the charge capacity..just some 10 digit code which isn't informative (at least to me)

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  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    The 10 digit code is just for the 12v battery. It’s just proof that the battery meets the minimum specifications to be considered a “good” battery; for example cold cranking amps.
    Only by the dealer using their Honda diagnostic tool and checking the Battery Capacity Signal can you know the health of the 17kW HV or traction battery pack. Nominal value is 55 Amp hours. Warranty replacement is when it reads below 36.6 Amp hours. I had dealer check mine at about 4 months and it read 54.3 Amp hours. The 13 page PDI is how I found out about the 17 kW battery check, the 4 plugs, and the high tire pressure that dealer was supposed to reduce to 36 psi.
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  17. bamba415

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    That makes sense. I just bought my Clarity in September but since the bullitin came out in March my dealer really should have taken care of it. I'm not surprised though. They also missed the plugs but still managed to check them off on the pdi. Thankfully we have this forum. Looks like I'm going back again.
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  18. ASFMon

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    The service advisor said that the service department could not check the amps on my Clarity with the I-HDS diagnostic tool. I asked that it be checked (to see if it’s near the 55 amp hours), and his response was that the car will tell me if the battery is not holding a charge adequately. Is it possible to use this tool to determine the amp hours? I also have not completed my initial customer satisfaction survey.

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  19. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Roast your dealer alive on the customer satisfaction spit!
    They are either lying or totally incompetent. The car will NOT tell you when the traction battery is not holding a proper charge. In fact It won’t even throw a diagnostic code when the battery gets below 36.6 Amp hours and is due for a free warranty replacement! Your dealer is lying through his teeth. Ask him for the documentation on that and watch him or her draw a blank.

    My dealer checked mine just by me asking and showing the Service Advisor the Service Bulletin 17-093 which I attached for you to show your dealer. It’s listed on page 13 along with the 4 underbody plugs that often get left out.

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  20. 21BDE2BF-D9F4-4EB8-984D-5647BED11080.jpeg 3992DAA6-0C76-4BC8-BA59-6855C5016BD9.jpeg 567E3FE1-8A47-40C3-ABCF-EB243B87FA97.jpeg 741FD6B2-3928-482C-938C-8852156F7BA4.jpeg 97068D83-53E0-487F-9AD9-F3F1864515DC.jpeg 6A902BFE-9CDA-402D-B7A1-36F5643E6113.jpeg CABFA091-201B-40D8-990E-013803CDE440.jpeg 0B82A90E-57A0-4030-A9F0-D5B017CD00FC.jpeg 21BDE2BF-D9F4-4EB8-984D-5647BED11080.jpeg I just checked mine and I am shocked at my discoveries... first, the plugs are missing, secondly, they are listed on the front license plate package but not in the bag... (wonder if they “borrowed” them for another car...)

    Most disturbing is that my PDI AND Final Delivery Checklist was completed over 10 months ago!!! (I purchased this vehicle 4 days ago!!)

    The dealer called me today about “a few recalls” and I will most definitely be having a conversation with the service manager as well as the sales manager (who told me the vehicle had been on the lot for about 20 days...)

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