Lots of brand new info from Pre Delivery Inspection doc; esp. on battery replacement

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by KentuckyKen, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. su_A_ve

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    Picked up my #StormtrooperWhite Clarity today. Very happy... Except it had only about a 60% charge on it. The charger was taken out of the original bubble wrap so I thought at first they may have actually tested it.

    But... I wanted to charge it before I left and they have a level 2 in the back of service, but wasn't working. When I asked they said it was disconnected because the service bay were using too much power. I'm starting to think that they used my level 1 to charge it for a few hours...

    They could not configure XM because the dealer system was down. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Salesperson took note of my radio code and will try later.

    It was not "plugged". Not charged and no plastic ones either... And they didn't fill out any of the final inspection section (though the salesperson did calibrate the TPMS). I do need to check the tires pressure next just in case.

    Their survey won't be good...
  2. su_A_ve

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    I think this is the part number but can't be sure as the diagrams showing them where they would go are not available it seems:

    Plug, Tie Down (Required qty 4)
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    Diagrams are shown in posts 18 and 19 of this thread. Thanks is for the parts numbers.
  4. insightman

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    I held my camera under the rear end of our Clarity PHEV and was flabbergasted at this photo. Not a square peg in a round hole, but similar! This explains why I have just a little road noise.


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    I was wondering about when it's determined when our free trial starts. Well that's good if they do that on delivery.

    Do you know how long we get the free trial for?

    I didn't think I'd go for it, but I'm getting to like it. I guess that's why they do that!
  6. su_A_ve

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    3 months trial of all access. After that you should be offered 6 months of select for $30 or all access for $50. Never pay more than that. Just rinse and repeat.
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    Lol, at least they knew they lost something... Those look like random 25mm body plugs from a Civic or similar.

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    I have the same thing but that is not the right hole. The front ones are easier to see. Here is a picture of one of the rear ones. My phone has a wide angle lens. It is right behind the silver metal piece. I reached my hand behind the piece and felt the hole. I don't have the plugs.

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  10. JimW

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    No plugs on mine. Will ask for them at my upcoming A1 service.
  11. descolado

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    My plugs are missing too. Would love to know what sort of impact this has on sound quality.
  12. amy2421

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    I'd like someone to do a poll of missing vs present plugs based on whether or not you have a front license plate installed. Since they are in the baggy with the front plate bracket, I am curious to know if they're more likely to be missing on cars from locales where you don't require the front plate.
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  13. Redspeed

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    Front plate and plugs installed.
  14. Jason

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    Same here, front plate and plugs installed. Actually, it seems my dealer, Ottawa Honda, was pretty diligent when it comes to the PDI.
  15. mcdull

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    Checked and mine was plugged. Little surprised but all good anyway.
  16. su_A_ve

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  17. ywallet

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  18. ywallet

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    Was anybody able to DIY install the plugs? It seems like they need to go in from the wide side? (left side in image) I was unable to push them in, my dealer is 75 miles away so may go to a local dealer tomorrow IMG_1195.JPG

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    Never mind, the narrow edge goes in first, took a bit of pushing. Also realized I have these for my 2012 Sienna, they were in the glove box for 6 years, hopefully some lesser road noise in the future.

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  20. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    My dealer installed them by spraying a little silicone lube to help them go in easier. Learned a new trick watching that.

    However, they don’t seem to reduce noise as much as the PDI doc seems to say they will. Perhaps I’m hearing a little less road noise at speed on rough pavement but it’s a very subjective observation in a car that’s already very quiet. But overall not very much of a difference.

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