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  1. Recently bought a Kona Electric - Ultimate in the U.S. Yesterday, plugged it in overnight using the supplied Level-1 charger. The following morning, it was no longer charging. It stopped at 80%. I checked the max charging limit and it is set to 100%. Any idea what might have caused it to stop charging?
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    I had this issue the first time I charged with a level 1 charger.. I used an extension cord and I guess that the cord overheated and the charger shut off. Can't think of any other reason. There may be a remote setting on BlueLink or myhyundai.com that limited it to 80%.. Not sure.
    I would recommend getting a Level 2 charger as the Level 1 charger will not keep up if you drive more than 30 miles per day and you'll eventually run out of charge.. I got a Mustart Level 2 charger and it's working great..
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    Check on the BlueLink App..
    Tap on the area where the yellow arrow is pointing which will get you to the remote charging settings. Check what limits are set there. I'm not sure if it is possible that the settings on the car could be different then on bluelink. I would assume they have to be the same but I'm not sure if they could be somehow out of sync.
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    Is it possible you set the AC to 80% and the DC to 100%?
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    Yes, you can set either one to any level from 10 to 100% in 10% intervals
  6. Just checked. Both AC and DC are set to 100% Only other thing I can think of is that the outlet couldn't handle the continuous load. Though it's odd because it did run for several hours to get me up to 80%.
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    Weird that it would shut off exactly at that round number... Could have been coincidence..
  8. Yea, I thought the same thing. I thought maybe 80% was the default since I believe that's a recommended max charge (at least from what I've been reading). But checking confirmed it is set to 100%. Maybe I'll try a different outlet (if I can reach it) and see what happens. Eventually I will upgrade to a level 2 charger, just need to price out some electricians and see if my fuse box can handle it. Looks like I'm pretty full up right now so some things may need to get moved around.
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    I really can't believe how much electricians charge for 40 minutes of work. I installed my outlet in 40 minutes.. Cost me $50 to $60 for materials (breaker, wires, outlet). However, I'm a experienced home flipper who knows to do all the work myself, including electrical..
    Unless you are running dryer, range, oven, toaster and AC all at the same time, your main panel will not trip the main breaker unless you have a 100 amp panel. I went cautiously with the 26 amp level 2 charger, just in case..
  10. Canadian electrical code 86-300 sub rule (2) in conjunction with 8-106 sub rules (10) and (11) now recognizes this alternate when the addition of an EVSE exceeds the calculated load.

    The DCC-10 with the use of corded CTs allows the EVSE to operate without overloading the electrical distribution circuit by turning off momentarily the power to the charging station when the demand exceeds 80% of the main breaker rating.
    I prefer this unit to the DCC-9 which must be installed in series with the incoming lines with it's fixed/built in CTs
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    Let it go down a tiny bit and try again. See if it stops at 80 again. Maybe you have certain hours set in your charge management, or you chose off peak hours?
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