Issue with Honda Sensing Adaptative cruise control

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by bbb0bbb, May 15, 2018.

  1. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Same experience. I’ve not had the nerve to wait and see if it would spply the brakes in time.
  2. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    In the TV series, "Extant," a self-driving car stops on railroad tracks. The passenger talks to the car about that. The car says it is located 100 feet before the tracks. The doors are locked. The passenger cannot get out. A train collides with the car killing the passenger. Lesson: You are the human in charge. Take control when you need to. Until all vehicles can "talk" to each other, expect anomalies.
  3. bbb0bbb

    bbb0bbb New Member

    Thank you for all your answers. My comment was based mostly on my previous car (Subaru Outback with technology package) which didn’t have these issues, as well as the salesman comment about other Honda being better. My Subaru was very good and I never had any « bad surprise ». Subaru is using 2 cameras instead of one, so the car can « detect » stopped traffic. Guess I will be very careful with Honda Sensing, since the radar is not long range...

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  4. JyChevyVolt

    JyChevyVolt Active Member

    I've been using ACC everyday without problem on my Clarity electric. Mine is set to one. The only problem is when someone cuts in and ACC is slow to react. It's also too slow to pickup speed.

    It seems the Clarity ACC is a better driver at night. Less steering input is need at night compare to day.
  5. Saul Valdez

    Saul Valdez New Member

    My 2018 Honda Clarity's Adaptive Cruise Control doesn't seem to work at all. It sets up like Adaptive cruise control is on but it does not adapt to the car in front of me. When traffic slows down my cruise control stayed at the same speed and would have rear ended the car in front of had I not hit the brakes. Traffic went from 65 MPH to 55 and my car just kept getting closer to the car in front of me.
  6. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    There is a large difference in performance between various systems. Honda specifically calls out the issue where the speed difference is very large. I have had it stop sometimes and not others (I had to stop instead) for traffic stopped ahead. I agree it is a situation where it is important, but also at the limits of what it can do without generating false braking events, etc.

    I have used the adaptive cruise a lot over 17,000 miles. The time I have mostly had problems with it is in the rain. Also, you have to be careful to note the icons that are small on the dash. It might have stopped detecting a car, or lane markings (for LKAS) and it doesn't give much warning that one of those stopped being detected.

    As a reminder, nearly all the systems are still hands on and eyes on the road, even Tesla Autopilot.
  7. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    You can switch the car between plain cruise control and ACC. Someone else will give you the method which I've forgotten.
  8. Trying to phrase this tactfully, but... are you sure that it was on? It will show you in the instrument cluster if it has detected the car in front of you, as well as the following distance you have selected.

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  9. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    Someone crossed into my lane close at a higher speed than me (so distance continued to increase).
    My Clarity did not slow down, so I figured it was smart enough to see the increasing range.
    Within 2 seconds, ACC slammed on the brakes, paused, then hammered the accelerator to resume.
    There are still some bugs to iron out.
  10. Per owners guide, press and hold the ‘interval’ button ( just to right of cancel button)to switch between ACC and standard cruise control. ACC shows in the driver information interface if ACC is selected.
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  11. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    I drove a 2017 Toyota Corolla with ACC a few thousand miles. It was much more advanced than the ACC on the Clarity. If a car which was going faster than you turned into your lane, it would not slam on the brakes. It would also gradually slow down as you approached a slower vehicle and would accelerate quickly when you turned into another lane. I felt much more relaxed using that ACC.
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  12. weave

    weave Active Member

    That's interesting and weird. I've noticed that if I have no one ahead of me and some guy passes and comes back into my lane fairly close, as long as he's slowly moving away from me, it doesn't change speed at all. If the person does one of those ignorant passing you and then slow down moves, it will then slow down fairly quickly.
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  13. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    Agreed! They need to fix this. These issues became apparent quickly when trying Adaptive Cruise and Lane Keep Assist the first few times. Have had to modify my driving experience while in moderate, to heavy, high-speed city traffic by getting my right-hand thumb ready to hit “CANCEL” (on cruise control) quickly when a car moves in front of Clarity to avoid exactly what you’re talking about. No arguement here... its truly a dangerous situation. I should not have to adapt myself to vehicle “safety features” to make them safer. Come on people!!!
  14. Odobo

    Odobo Active Member

    I use ACC on on my clarity and my wife's Prius prime and both works great on freeway.
    There were sudden brake when car in front switch lane or cut into my lane on both cars, and they actually behave pretty similar. I have to brake occasionally when I feel like it's not stopping soon enough or the radar is taking time to pick up/confirm the car in front is slowing but I think I have to do that more often on the prime than the clarity.

    The biggest problem I think is the drivers are expecting one thing instead of understanding the limitations ACC and drive the car within those limits
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  15. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    Rush-hour traffic when everybody is going 70+ in the city and someone pulls in-front of you quickly and slows down immediately with a semi truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds directly behind you with you’re faith on limitations of Acc? I have no faith in the system with how quickly the Clarity breaks! Just saying. I nearly got pancaked by a semi last week with this exact situation. Kind of suprised more people are not reporting this issue with Hondas.
  16. Odobo

    Odobo Active Member

    No, I did not say anything like that, in fact I said the opposite. I think people just expect too much without knowing the limitations.

    For example Vicking79 said ACC doesn't work well for him/her when it is raining, it is well documented online that the radar doesn't work well in rain and the manual say don't use it under this situation. Yet we have a member complain about it doesn't work well..... Yes of course it isn't going to work well because of technical limitations.

    Also I don't know what is the comfort distance for the other members before they usually brake. You might like to keep your 3 secs rule and stay half a mile away from the car in front of you, so 1 or 2 bar may not fit you but that's what you set. I drive in SF Bay area and we usually do 80 mph with a car length in between, I get cut off all the time even with 1 bar so I feel fine with it braking harder and closer to the car in front.

    You should report it if you feel it doesnt work, but these logics are pretty standard and the ACC are programmed that way to accommodate all these limitations, anything more will reach the next level of self driving which is beyond what the Honda sense is capable of
  17. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    Simply feel it’s obvious after experiencing acc for a month now that, despite loving the sensing features, their “limitations,” meaning- computers making decisions rather than alert, practiced drivers... will cause needless rear-end collisions for Honda owners. Time will tell.
  18. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    As you already know from the photo of Hal you use for your avatar, AI cannot be trusted.
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  19. StickWare

    StickWare Member

    Using my logical mind, this is why when there is stopped traffic, it does not detect it. Imagine a road with a slight turn to the left, with a building on the right of the road. The building is in fact in front of you. So if it detected still objects, then it would be slowing down, or stopping in this situation. The car doesn't know the way the road is going. So therefore, it won't detect stopped traffic. It treats it as just objects next to the road. You always have to pay attention, bottom line.
  20. Odobo

    Odobo Active Member

    It's the same argument for the autopilot on Tesla.... There will be accident because driver abuse/misused the feature but on the other hand, it will also prevent lots of accident when drivers take their eyes off road

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