How will it seat 7?

Discussion in 'Model Y' started by Rothgarr, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Just trying to visualize how the optional third row will fit in this thing. Did they show what it might look like? Looking at the profile of the vehicle and the way it slopes in the back I just can't see how it will fit with headroom. Won't be available until 2021 -- I was even wondering if the roofline would be different since it's a $3000 option.
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    Well, we know a lot more about it now. It will supposedly come Fall of 2020 for the Long Range and Performance versions, and Spring 2021 for Standard Range.
    The two back seats are small. They say seats 7 adults, but really, the 3rd row best left for kids.
    During the reveal, they did have seven adults exit after it drove up on stage, but that was, of course, a pretty short drive.

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    So, it is a 5+2, then.
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