How do you use the paddles?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Pogue, Feb 23, 2018.

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    This is a good question. I suspect that if the car is EV and you have your foot on the go pedal but you do not power it - you might see this as "0" on the power/charge meter - then maybe you're coasting. However, if the car is in HV mode, then it should be possible to actually measure this. What's difficult to ferret out is when it occurs. In the Prius PHEV, coasting - or infinite MPG - occurred at 960RPM which was the rate the ICE revolved when idling without fuel. But I've yet to find that spot on the Clarity - likely due to the difference in hybrid system and transmission.
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    FWIW - I love the Regen. I use it to coast into a traffic light stop or to slow into a circle. I love to see the EV meter increase by a few tenths of a mile each time, while I know I'm not wearing down the brakes.
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    When I had dirty injectors in the Prius my mileage dropped into the high 30s until I dumped a can of SeaFoam in the gas tank. As a matter of trying to figure out what was wrong with the Prius I bought a Bluetooth diagnostic tool for the ODBII connector. they are only about $15-20. Then I downloaded the free Android Torque app, which is available free, or a pro version for a price.

    The Torque app had a download specifically for the Prius. Was able to view the status of each of the traction battery cells. I did notice the app had an indicator which showed when the brake lights came on which was very handy.

    I doubt if there is a downloadable Clarity module for Torque yet, but for those curious about various car functions you might want to give this a try.

    I believe there is one regen feature in the car which can be activated by the paddles or the brake pedal. Based on that I then believe that the brake pedal can do everything the paddles can do, but there is the possibility to push hard enough on the brake pedal to activated the physical brakes. I doubt, and certainly hope, that the paddles can not activated the brakes.
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    Maybe we can get “Clarity Spy” from the maker of Leaf Spy. A Torque module would also be welcome. I was planning to play around with the OBD port this weekend. May post a new thread with findings.
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    Sorry. Dumb answer. Of course the car regens when I take my fofo off the accelerator, no matter what mode I'm in.
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    I have had that happen. I think that happens when the battery pack is cold (my observations.)

    I notice it a lot of it is a cold day and I have been highway driving in 'HV' mode. If I try to regen on the exit ramp I can only regen 1-2 'bars'. Once I drive in 'EV' mode for a couple of blocks and (presumably) the battery pack heats up a little, it allows me to regen fully again. I guess when the battery is really cold it can't safely/ reliably handle all the power generated from aggressive regenerative braking? Also, it won't let you regen past 1-2 bars if your battery is fully (or close to fully) charged.
  7. jdonalds

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    Yes that happens to me often. I think it is speed related. Try regen level 4 while going 45 mph and it will pull back to regen level 3.
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    Amen! The regen resetting all the time is the one thing that really bugs me about the Clarity. (And congrats on switching out of your diesel!)

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