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Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. 101101

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    No these are as important to the present world as air travel and sea travel. I'd argue that given the problems we must solve they are more important than both.

    Martin, your honesty is in question. You argue for Hydrogen (which is a petrol rescue operation) you're against real electric cars. And you're insisting on very questionable assertions regarding self driving. Sure bad unions don't want self driving nor does obsolete capital as
    it will drive guaranteed annual incomes and the elimination of phony wage slave jobs, with the bursting of the psychological bubble of denial. But more than any of these groups petrol doesn't want it because it drives electric vehicles and electrification into every area of life and therefore fuels true green energy like battery backed solar like nothing else.

    You seem to have some ulterior motive and my guess is it would be financial, either these changes run counter to your investments
    or your families investments or you're being paid to write these things.
  2. Martin Williams

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    101101 I'm sorry but much of your post is unfathomable, by me anyway.

    The one thing I COULD understand is your suspicion that I have some financial interest in the matter. I can assure you I haven't. I have no financial interest in hydrogen, petrol, diesel or batteries. I own no shares in the motor industry, and I doubt whether anyone would pay me for what I write.

    I wouldn't!

    And you can rest assured that no one else does either.

    Petrol and diesel are crappy fuels, and the sooner they go the better. Battery cars are too much hassle for me, and seem not to have caught the popular imagination. I expect they will pass into history pretty soon. Hydrogen seems a much more attractive proposition.

    You clearly disagree, and good luck to you. Kindly extend the same courtesy to me.
  3. Feed The Trees

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    I would say after your Russian tolling, your alex jones loving posts, that of all the posters here, your honesty is more in question than anyone. And I say that diplomatically, because it's not in actual question, it's actually 0.
  4. 101101

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    More likely your issue is you don't know much about how modern states tend to behave or how the US and the UK have tended to behave. Its like having no grasp of anything not to suspect the Torries for what goes wrong in the UK and what enters their media. Look at what the Torries have done to their own people (a complete oppressor party) and what they did with Iraq 2 and look at how the UK still has a vestigial Monarchy. Low reality quotient.
  5. Martin Williams

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    Personally, I have no doubt Mr 101101 is perfectly sincere and honest. It is the sheer incomprehensibility of his posts I am finding increasingly difficult.

    I suppose I could kill another goat and read its entrails to see what he's on about with his 'Torries' this time, but I am fast running out of goats...
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