Ford Appears to be Scamming its Google Trends results.

Discussion in 'Ford' started by 101101, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. 101101

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    Go to Google Trends and play around with Ford inputs. Compare it to other companies and try to break down what the inputs might be including F-150 etc. You will find Ford has an almost straight line. Is it paying of Google to misrepresent interest in the company? Compare it to say Sony. I think Google Trends tells an honest story of what is happening to Sony but with Ford it looks to be incredibly fake. Ford is an a very precarious position. It is the least prepared. Also despite their blather Ford, GM and FCA I think will all just rely on Google for autonomy, I think we can already see that happening.
  2. Cypress

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    “Also despite their blather Ford, GM and FCA I think will all just rely on Google for autonomy“.

    Maybe for Ford and FCA, but GM seems to be pretty advanced with Super Cruise and fully autonomous Bolts in production and entering test markets sometime this year. What leads you to hypothesize that they will all just use Google?
  3. 101101

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    All of what GM has said despite its acquisition seems to be pure BS. It hasn't demonstrated anything. And its bolts look like they just have
    a Google rig on top. If the press weren't sponsored it would hold GM accountable. Its said we test in SF. It shown videos of a bolt supposedly running on its own through SF but it wasn't clear someone wasn't driving. Its a pathological liar company. Its really run by people who think propping up its share value entitles its execs and marketing people to lie.
  4. WadeTyhon

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    So what is the benefit of this reporter discussing her experience inside of the Autonomous Bolt EV?

    And if you think she is just some shill for GM, what is the benefit to GM of her pointing out the imperfections of the system. (Slow soeeds, overly cautious, didn’t know what to do with a taco truck snd pedestrians.)

    Did the marketing people fake the moon landing too? :rolleyes:

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