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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by MHarding, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. MHarding

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    I live in a fully rental apartment complex and although the dealer who sold me the car said sure to using an extension chord I am afraid of starting a fire. I have my car parked about 15 feet from my back porch so the access is there and no one will be walking in that area. I am just wondering if anyone else uses an extension chord.
  2. Tahuna

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    An extension cord will be fine. You should probably look for a "heavy duty" version, one with 12 gauge wire. Someone recently posted a kill-a-watt picture with the charger running, showing it was pulling just over 10 amps. Something like this should be fine: https://www.amazon.com/KMC-12AWG-Power-Outdoor-Extension/dp/B0775YT58V. If you're really worried about it and don't mind the cost you could pick up a 10 gauge cord: https://www.amazon.com/Century-Contractor-Extension-Cord-extension/dp/B071LPYYVW
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  3. Odobo

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    Use a waterproof extension box too

    Man we really need to have this topic on a sticker post
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  4. KentuckyKen

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    It has been discussed repeatedly in several threads; just do a search. Any 12 gauge 12-3 cord will work without risk of overloading it and it getting even warm. The Honda OEM Charger only pulls 12 Amps max ans many 15 Amp circuits use 14 gauge wire.
    Odobo is right on about protecting every connection (wall receptacle if outside and between ext cord and charger plug) from water and of course don’t set the “brick” on the ground.
    Remember that ext cords are not allowed to be in continuous flex or run through walls or be pinched by things like doors and windows. I charged w a 50 ft 12-3 ext cord for a month before my Level 2 was installed and it never even got warm.

    I have pix of a NEMA approved cover for the outlet if it’s outside and one of a cover for the connection between ext cord and charger if you need it.
    You also might want to consider a small lock for the hole in the charging handle to discourage snatch and grabs of your charger.
  5. I use an extenstion cord without any problems. I still need to get a 12 gauge cord though. (hopefully today)

    A word of caution: I also connected my kill-a-watt to see how much it pulled. It was about 10.5 amps. Sadly, I left it connected too long and it fried the LCD screen, which is all black and inoperative now. :-(
  6. DBSeattle

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    Very helpful reply KentuckyKen. Would love to see pictures of the waterproof covers that you mention. I assume the extension cords themselves are waterproof but how do you cover the connection at which the charger plugs into the car?. I will be charging outside in the Seattle rain (probably on a level one for a while) and though the plug itself is protected from the rain, the attachment to the car will not be. Thanks!
  7. su_A_ve

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    I have a 25-ft 10-gauge extension cord (I was only short by a few feet). The charger sits inside the garage and I ran 2x4s at the bottom of the garage door with a notch for the charger cable to pass by. The only thing I forgot to do was cut a small piece to cover the notch when not in use so I tempt creatures - for now, I pull the 2x4s out.

    I haven't have a need for an external enclosure but here's a thread that talks about an option.

  8. chironi

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    I'm using a 100ft 10 gauge extension cord until my level 2 circuit gets installed. It's super beefy. I was intending to use it as a carry along backup in my trunk, but it weighs like 40lbs! Probably not worth carrying around that extra weight, wasting EV milage just for a rainy day :-D

    It's this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-...r-Outdoor-Extension-Cord-HD-866-886/202535308

    I've charged overnight for 12 hours and it doesn't even get slightly warm, it was cold to the touch.

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